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  1. D06GT19GT

    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Glad to see this car going into production.
  2. D06GT19GT

    K135 has arrived...

    Agreed. On the street, it will be hard to tell the difference. Thee BBS wheel set is within .5lb of the CF wheels anyhow. I like how they mimic the race GT wheels.
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    Hagerty Renders an Opinion on Values

    Glad to see our GTs are doing well. Though I will never sell mine... Check out Hagerty's article: HERE I had to include a picture of my Model A pick up roadster that I restored as a teenager in the 60s...
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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    I just connected my trickle charger just as you've shown. Thx!
  5. D06GT19GT

    K135 has arrived...

    My GT came back last week from my PPF guy - she is now fully covered. We also covered more vulnerable sections under the bottom of the car near the front. There are some amazing aero features under the car that most people will never see. I want to get her up onto my 4 post lift so I can gaze...
  6. D06GT19GT

    Aston Vahalla takes cues from new Ford GT.

    The Hypercar space is getting really crowded. I do like the design and hope AM actually race it. The GT design is more technical to my eyes while the AM seems more conservative.
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    You thought you had seen it all? We've only just started...

    That would be my bet. I would guess that MM would be happy with supporting privateers...
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    K135 has arrived...

    The GT is over with my PPF guy for full coverage + Bernardo's suggestions. Left Bernardo's duct tape covering the side sill aero opening for the short drive to the PPF shop.
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    K135 has arrived...

    I forgot to show off one special 'feature'...
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    K135 has arrived...

    My new GT has arrived and I could not be happier. The delivery crew was great and Bernardo did a great job answering all of our questions. I had a small gathering of friends/family so the questions were flowing! The car is really amazing. I especially like the interior color combination. It...
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    Ed, I am down in SoCal. If you get down this way, let me know!

    Ed, I am down in SoCal. If you get down this way, let me know!
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    K147 home...

    Congrats! Great color combination...
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    Why have your business plan be a lottery?

    The marketplace is littered with sportscars that did not sell as well as expected. The last FordGT could be bought under sticker at the end of its production run. It is better to restrict supply as these cars are not money makers - they are halo makers. The NFGT is a brilliant move for Ford...
  14. D06GT19GT

    NFGT Tires

    I had to order the Dunlop SP Maxx GTs from both TireRack (rears) and Discount Tire (fronts). Neither had both sizes. Stock of the rears appear to be very thin at the moment. I will get these mounted up onto my BBS wheels and report back. But first the car needs to arrive - June 7th!
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    How to mount non-carbon wheels...

    Which Dunlop? TireRack does not have any other options. I know that I would like to get a less sticky option onto my extra wheels.
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    Heading to Multimatic Thursday

    You will enjoy the tour. I just went last month and I think we ate at Moxies. My car arrives this Fri so their delivery time is pretty accurate.
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    Carlisle GT

    That stripe and color combo are really great. Nice work!
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    Good Cop Bad Cop

  19. D06GT19GT

    Driving Bliss!

    My 06GT has been a great car and comfortable enough to take road trips. I understand the NFGT is far more raw. Do you think the NFGT will be as good as my 06GT on extended road trips? I'm sure there is no comparison on the track...
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    How to mount non-carbon wheels...

    BBS make these for the NFGT: FI-R They are almost as light as the CF wheels.