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  1. SteveA


    Great story!
  2. SteveA

    So happy for you my friend. No one I can think of is more deserving! Congrats!

    So happy for you my friend. No one I can think of is more deserving! Congrats!
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Pulling particularly hard for all you Forum/GT loyal!
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    Just got the build news!

    Just Awesome!:thumbsup
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    GT500 in NYC

    I noticed at the BJ while giving the GT 500 the once over, nowhere does it say GT 500. Interesting.
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    K035 Pat Milliken Ford Delivery

    Just like women, Redheads, Blonds or Brunettes, haven't seen a color yet that I don't like! Nice job! :thumbsup
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    Mecum NO SALE NFGT

    Agreed Karl.
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    An Image from the Past - When the FGT 06 Had Not Been Seen by Many People

    I recall that day (and nail :bored ), great people and cars! I do miss those outings!! Thanks for posting Doc.:thumbsup
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    How much impact will Barrett-Jackson have on the market?

    Rex, not everyone makes it to Purgatory. We may be saying our goodbye's to Dr Frank down here on earth.:rofl
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    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Agree, thanks Chip for putting this together!:thumbsup
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    Surrounding yourself in Good Company

    Great pics Brian, must have been a hoot!
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    It's Getting Real Now!

    Car looks awesome and really enjoyed your enthusiasm! Enjoy!
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Wow Tommy, what a fantastic way to wake up this morning, cup of coffee and this story. Ford nailed it when picking you as an ambassador! Bravo!!
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    What is Blue, Approx 43 inches tall and goes over 200MPH...Introducing K19

    Never gets old watching these deliveries! Awesome and congrats!:thumbsup
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    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Great, Jeff's going. I'm out.... LOL! Looking forward to seeing you brother!
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    I bought a Mission and have the same issue with the side door. The '18 GT with the doors swinging up and forward want to hit the side doors vertical frame when the car is far enough forward to displace enough tongue weight. When you get the weight forward It tows fantastic. It tows my '62 Vette...
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    Great idea.:agree: The throttle is a tad bit touchy when loading.
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    When you get knocked down, get up again. SYCO GT'S NFGT APPLICATION VIDEO

    Good luck Randy, pulling hard for you!:thumbsup
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    Harley Cluxton takes delivery

    Harley took delivery of his '19 Heritage a few days back (he's good with these pics being shared). He also showed some interest in the Gulf Heritage colors debate. Having owned at one time or another every significant Gulf Ford GT, Porsche 917 and his own Mirages he definitely has an opinion on...
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    T-Minus 48hr Countdown

    Awesome, can wait to see the pics!