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    Cam Install

    My husband is 61. He's doesn't need more go fast power. TheFGT is fast enough for Highway Driving. Too many stupid people out on the road already wanting to race. He is a pleasure cruiser.
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    Cam Install

    This is what we are looking for.
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    Cam Install

    X Pipe, Long Tube Headers sounds great on start up. These have all been installed. We are looking for a more aggressive cam, Kinda like the old FGT's. you could really hear those cams.
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    Cam Install

    Thank you for your input. I will tell him no way. We will continue to look for a trusted shop to do this for him
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    Cam Install

    My husband is getting bored and wants to change out the cam to more meaty sound and performance. How hard is this to do as a DIY project? I've gotten prices from 15 - 20K. What is all involved with changing the cam, and also what is suggested?
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    Best Current FGT Techs in and Around Houston Tx?

    CALVO Motorsports in Austin has been doing work on the FGT for some time now.
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    Ford Mustang FR500

    I have the opportunity to purchase for my husband a FR500. It has been a 1 owner car. The owner used it only as a show car. It has never seen track or race. I understand that it will have to be completely gone thru and all fluids changed. I got what I believe is a good deal. What can you guys...
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    Purchase FR500

    I will be purchasing a FR500 for my husband. He really misses racing. Are these cars any good for NASA? Car is brand new used as a show car. No log Book, hoping to get teacher and have my husband get on the track
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    The GT Garage LLC

    We appreciate Rich's Talent. He is the best and we use him every chance we get.
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    Transport from NE

    we have used frank barba several times. always been extremely happy
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    change oil in ford gt 2005

    adapter for the reservoir. Where would you get this to change you own oil ?
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    The GT Garage LLC

    We are so lucky to have Rich available to us.
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    Advice on a Heffner GT

    Heffner is one of the Good Guys
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    Selling my 3.4L Whipple and Supporting Mods

    Is this a stock unit or a performance part?
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    Trusted Florida shops for new clutch fitmen?

    If Jason answers your call he's out of Sarasota
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    06 FGT Window Sticker - wanted

    So there were 2 window stickers? I only have 1 that came with the vehicle...
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    Vehicle lift for NGT and 2006 GT

    Check into a 1 post lift built by Tuxedo
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    What to do with stock tires

    I will take 4 for AACA Car Shows. 4 more years and she's an antique capable of Antique Automobile Club Shows....
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    Happy Birthday GTJOEY

    Happy birthday from your friends in PA
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    Shelby SuperSnake Tuner

    WE have spoken with Jason several times. Unfortunately at this time our schedules do not work out. Thank you for the information.