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    Lego plans to release a modern Ford GT technic set

    Like a twin turbo from a few years ago :)
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    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    Stunning Trio! Congrats. Always thought the 05/06 yellow was a special color. You've taken it to the next level!
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    loose marbles in door sill

    Thanks Joe, Didn't know if that was also something found while fishing..
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    loose marbles in door sill

    Picture of the "special tool" would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Looking for a low mileage GT

    That is a gauge cluster that was optioned with the 2012 Ford Boss 302 "LS". I would think they might have one at the auction and as extrap mentioned , they added the wrong photo. Viewing the minute long walk around video, I dont see one of these on the top of the dash.
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    Looking For a New Trailer

    24' ATC 305. Fits 05/06 GT fine..Everything else I trailer. NFGT, no problem with clearance through loading door/ramp. Side door needs to be about 1" taller to open drivers door without hitting the top of opening. I just use a pillow/blanket. There is a sweet spot for parking, so that the door...
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    The End

    white gray black blue
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    The End

    white blue black red
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    Battery Charger issue

    2021 car.. Ford(CTek) charger from day one. Always fully charged when I go out. Always use the front charge point instead of the rear. Shorter pathway to battery and recommended by iJoe and PMF. Charger never clicks. after Driving and hooking the charger back up, it steps through the first two...
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    Greetings from a grateful alumni and fan.

    We where fortunate to be invited to join Dave and Roz for the tour of MM during their car build. It was noticeable how quite the euro spec was. We where told the europe spec was down on HP compared to the US spec, due to emissions requirements.. Back in the 80's this was just the opposite.
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    Wheel creaking issue

    So, after Kevin identifying a problem, losing use of his car for a long period, he gets a note from Ford as to how to service his nuts ( Sorry, Kevin, Dr Franks comments crept into my thoughs). Maybe he's the only one with carbon wheels and Ti lug nuts. Where is the email to all NFGT owners...
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    Fuel Vapor Cannister

    Poor idle. (surging). Car would die at a stop light. There was a large number of post about failures. The flapper valve/seal pin would get damaged or back out and the system would not seal. Most where able to replace the part. Being less abrupt/forceful when filling the tank seemed to solve...
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    Goodwood revival

    Ron, Looks like a fantastic time. Would have been a blast to be there.. I retire in a year and a half. Then more free time :)
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    QuickJack 5000-anybody use one?

    Never had mine in the air, so.. Since you have the lift. You might consider supports under the wheels and lower the lift a few inches to take the load off the suspension(hanging). Even tall jack stands might work. I'd ask Joe at Milliken Ford. On the forum, the go to guy for NFGT. He uses a...
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    Sticker shock

    Hi Frank, Last two where Oreilly's.. Don't recall the one before that, but probably from my Ford dealer in NY.
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    Sticker shock

    The Braille I25X. This will be my next battery or something like it. On my third Optima in 6 years. They fail at the 3 year warranty mark. As they approach critical mass, they do start to spit acid from the 2 ports. Yes there is local paint damage. As these batteries use to last for a long time...
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    MKII engine upgrade question

    Does the Mk2 have the same trans? Knowing the scoop does cool 3 subsystem, are there differences internally from the street trans? Mk2 is 700+HP.. The move to higher HP would probably require both a engine/trans mod to what the Mk2 has or similar. Plus probably different kits for the pre 20 and...
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    Just moved to SoCal

    I always used I5 and I15 as dividing lines for weather in San Diego. West of I5 is almost always nice, but there is the June gloom. I5 to I15 can get hot in the summer. East of I15 to the foothills( 20 Miles) Up the hills cools off. Nice winters, hot summers (its still a desert)
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    Question..... Speedo accuracy OE & ring pinion change, new calibration needed

    The old fashion way.. Mile marker and stop watch. or your local police neighborhood radar(your driving to fast). Phone GPS can be close, but then , who makes the phone, how old is it, how many satellites does it see. I use a new iPad for various utilities, one being worldwide charts and...
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    Fair price for ‘06 GT with incident?

    This may not be a salvage titled vehicle. It will show repairs made on a carfax. If the insurance company paid the repair bill and did not take possession and resale as branded or salvage, then its just a regular car with damage history. Rear deck lids complete use to be in the 38k range years...