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  1. BSim27

    Red shift knob

    I have that same shift knob in blue. Came on the car when I got it. Maybe nautoncall can chime in if he knows. I’ll look for markings next time I get to the car.
  2. BSim27

    Speedhut boost gauge

    DakotaGT: could you report back to see if this solves your issue? I have speedhut gauges as well and the boost gauge seems to jump all over the place. Thanks
  3. BSim27

    Brake bleeder vacuum kit question

    Just changed all four calipers. Used the pump and pass method. Worked very well and easy to do.
  4. BSim27

    Long Lost GT (sold new from Charapp Ford)

    Do not know if it’s an 05 or 06 and we do not know the Vin. Interestingly the ford dealership was sold long ago and is now a grocery store. Maybe Ford corporate would have records? It was a small dealership so my thought is that most likely they only sold 1.
  5. BSim27

    Long Lost GT (sold new from Charapp Ford)

    I have an old neighbor that has been searching for the 05/06 GT that was purchased new by his brother. It is a red car that was delivered new to Charapp Ford just south of Pittsburgh, PA. The brother had to sell the car following the financial crisis 2008-09. The brother has passed away and my...
  6. BSim27

    Ford Parts Giant Experiences

    I have had success on one order from FPG. Not without issues though. Some items from the order shipped and were received. Others didn’t ship until I called to inquire. Apparently they were from different warehouses. Saved around 30% from quotes from Ford. Another placed order was canceled after...
  7. BSim27

    2005 Ford GT Twin Turbo 17K miles $350K OBO

    Not a chance! I’ve only put on maybe 1k miles- only because I don’t get a chance to drive much. Maybe you will sell me that diablo one day?!?
  8. BSim27

    2005 Ford GT Twin Turbo 17K miles $350K OBO

    Good luck with the sale!! I bought the midnight blue GT from Rob seen in one of the photos. Very smooth and enjoyable purchase. Rob answered all questions and the car was delivered as advertised. Thanks Rob.
  9. BSim27

    "Stripe delete" meaning

    Interesting question. I feel like it means no top and no side stripes. Has there ever been a GT with top stripes and side stripe delete? The paint and option matrix only lists three categories: FULL STRIPES SIDE STRIPES ONLY STRIPE DELETE
  10. BSim27

    Magnus Walker's "The Big Thing" Ford GT..Season Finale

    Sweet video! Thanks Chip and Randy for making this possible. The cars are looking sweet. Especially like the carbon fiber interior accents Randy.
  11. BSim27

    Parts for Sale 2005 Ford GT

    I will take the used door sills if still available. Email sent. Thanks
  12. BSim27

    Source for trim parts on clamshell?

    I’ve been looking for the same. $435 each on Seems a little extravagant for a plastic piece. Wonder if they can be refurbished/buffed/painted. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. BSim27

    Paint code help

    Has anyone found a good touch up for this? Thanks
  14. BSim27

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Love the look of the side stripes removed while leaving the “Ford GT”. Paint looks great!
  15. BSim27

    Heffner TT install complete!

  16. BSim27

    After Hurricane Ida, need another minty, white 4-option car

    A white 3 option (non Mac) 2006 just went up for sale on BaT. 700 miles. Good luck Kenneth!
  17. BSim27

    Graphene Coating

    Does anyone have any experience using a graphene product? Just wondering if there are any benefits over ceramic. I’m planning on detailing the car this weekend with this product as the final coat. Thanks
  18. BSim27

    Events or experiences in your GT

    I guess both of us were out for a nice relaxing stroll through the neighborhood!
  19. BSim27

    Events or experiences in your GT

    What did you use for seat conditioning? Anyone have suggestions for overall interior protection? Leather, seals, etc. thanks
  20. BSim27

    windshield wiper removal

    14 years later your post is still relevant! Thanks for the idea. Part number still exists at Ace Hardware for $2.49/4pack. Works perfect.