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  1. wmjim

    Looking for a low mileage GT

    I've had very good experience selling on BAT ($170k). Money is wired before release of title and car. I've bought several cars at "in person" auctions, but a LOT of due diligence is needed. And you can't test drive to check everything else out, but good for rare, hard to find cars. I'm too...
  2. wmjim

    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    I'm with you! Although most of my friends have way more miles than me.:)
  3. wmjim

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thanks Dave. Lynn and I will be looking forward to it!
  4. wmjim

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    So much fun! Thanks again Dave, and everyone that made it happen. Ready for another :sneaky:
  5. wmjim

    Calling all Ford GT in Phoenix

    Beautiful facility!
  6. wmjim

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    If anyone deserves a new allocation, it's you Barry! As many have said before, you've been the true test mule!
  7. wmjim

    Bring a Trailer wallops the big auction houses!

    I've used them only once, but it was a great experience. About a 6 week process between descriptions and photo submissions, and waiting before going live. I'm confident it was the best result possible for my situation (C2 corvette restomod). And a $99 fee compared to BJ auction would have...
  8. wmjim

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

  9. wmjim

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    Unfortunately, good things come to an end. Time to load up and head back to South Dakota. A fuel stop at Chip's one last time heading home.
  10. wmjim

    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    So much fun, so many cool pictures! Thanks to everyone for making this one of the best rallies ever!! Bill torquing Lugnuts for track prep. Chomping at the bit. Tortilla Flats The band at Tortilla Flats. Lunch at Fargo's
  11. wmjim

    Rally 13 Schedule of Events

    Does this mean we have to download and print our own? :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  12. wmjim

    Road to Rally 13

    Barely got it unloaded and Reliable shows up with a couple buddy's cars! Now my garage looks CRAZY COOL!
  13. wmjim

    Road to Rally 13

    Loaded the GT and headed 1500 miles from South Dakota to sunny Arizona. Two long days, but excited as hell!
  14. wmjim

    Rally 13 cooking school sign up

    Lynn is in!
  15. wmjim

    An Evolution of Classic Liveries

    You definitely know how to tease us. Knowing you two, this is gonna be awesome.
  16. wmjim

    ‘21 Frozen White Arrival!!

    Beauty! Congratulations!!
  17. wmjim

    Got another one yesterday

    Whoa! Don't wash it off till the rally?
  18. wmjim

    Barnstomer Grill and Airport

    Nice photos. Looks like a beautiful day for that!
  19. wmjim

    Outcome of emergency egress

    That had to be a sick feeling pushing that door till the window shattered. But like you always say "it's just a car". Still. It's why you're the real test mule, Barry.