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    Moving sale, lots of misc Ford GT parts

    I'm moving, and just noticed lots of Ford GT parts in my garage that need to go, especially since my car is long sold. Would prefer local sale in Los Gatos CA if possible. would be willing to take lower offer if someone takes all of it at once. some of the stuff i will let go for free. 5 x...
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    help with Airlift coolant change

    I have the Airlift coolant vacuum device, and was testing it to suck out the air pockets in coolant system. I noticed my 4 Gal air compressor does not seem to have enough "gas" to achieve the required venturi vacuum. i can only get to 10-15 on the meter which is not enough to compress the hoses...
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    front hood release stuck?

    ooops, just realized i forgot about the latch on the side, been so long since i opened the front hood.
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    finally hooked up ipod to mcintosh

    sorry about lack of pics, i only had 1 hr free time while kids were out of house tonight. there are a few tricks i learned. 1) the radio bezel pieces pull outwards, towards you. not to the sides as the shop manual indicates. took me a while to figure that one out, almost busted the bezel...
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    pulling out mcintosh head unit.

    i am about to pull out the mcintosh to hook up my ipod to the rca inputs that are supposed to be on the back of this unit. are there any tricks to doing this? i assume the console has to come off, just wondering if there are any tips on removing the console. the shop manual was not real...
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    herky jerky speedo

    i have a early 06 build tungsten. i noticed the speedometer has a slight "jerk" in it when slowing down close to zero. no jerk when speeding up from zero. just wondering if this is normal behavior. also would appreciate it if someone can change me to owner from spectator.
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    march 05 build

    i'm looking at a couple of GT's with Mar 05 build and vin number above 650. from the TSB's and Recalls that i can find, it appears that the cars should be clear of most of the issues. Does anyone know of any other issues i should be aware of on Mar 05 builds?