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  1. FlagstaffGT

    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Never had it on the charger, which is still in original packaging. Two years plus now.
  2. FlagstaffGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    A 4th of July car show in Flagstaff, AZ. Didn’t win best sport car, exotic, specialty, or people’s choice. When I was invited I said for display only, so the car did not have a number. Otherwise it’s just not fair (yeah I got those plaques last time).
  3. FlagstaffGT

    So For Those Who Have Bought GTs Recently

    I was delighted to hear that my 105k mile car ran like other owners 10k cars. These cars are, or can be, rock solid. I’ve done recommended maintenance. Am hoping to see similar solid car with the new one.
  4. FlagstaffGT

    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Comfort mode, which I have never been able to discern any difference in ride, is disabled, a line crossed through it on the dash identical to cruise being off, at 92 mph and returns at 82.
  5. FlagstaffGT

    Secondary market.

    J this kind of dog..... Go ahead, get in and take this car. My dog doesn’t bite. Too hard.
  6. FlagstaffGT

    Secondary market.

    I guess mine is legally now available for sale. But since it’s the least valuable in the world with the highest mileage, and my dog has thrown up in it, not interested.
  7. FlagstaffGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    I didn’t realize. The new one (way back in this picture) was so much smaller than the old one (front of the picture).
  8. FlagstaffGT

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    14 foot floor to ceiling. Tight but fits tall vehicles. The side door lift is awesome, quiet, fast, and so much more clearance.
  9. FlagstaffGT

    Most miles on a NFGT

    But back in the shop for a ( long) while. Only at 23,000. And the most trailered to service miles.
  10. FlagstaffGT

    Is two layers Expel overkill?

    The back wheels throw up so much debris into the front of the back bottom of the wheel well that xpel gets shredded. Protective strips there or replacement xpel strips for there, or just don’t drive it!
  11. FlagstaffGT

    New 17/18/19 GT Passenger Footwell Dead Pedal

    I increased my useable storage space and lost 2.4 pounds. Passengers can stretch out more.
  12. FlagstaffGT

    Any update re: chance of joining us?

    Any update re: chance of joining us?
  13. FlagstaffGT


    This trim pulls straight down from the corners the four spring clips press on the plastic frame can go flying off six torx screws hold assembly up (2 sizes-larger in the middle) pull out and turn it over ZHE connector- black to left or top, is ground, and other outside wire green/yellow is...
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    Ah geez...... I had to remember my password to log back in.
  15. FlagstaffGT

    Any NFGT Deliveries in Northern California?

    I’m pretty sure mine is the most miles in a dealer trailer for service. No cost for warranty work. Charged once when they took the old one (ghetto GT) back to get service after dropping off NFGT.
  16. FlagstaffGT


    I programmed assembly language for the 8086. About 300 years ago.
  17. FlagstaffGT

    Special Plates

    Best color combo ever!
  18. FlagstaffGT

    Paybacks are a bitch

    How come I didn’t see you guys there? I found the cutest diagonal striped velvet pattern in an emerald color, perfect for a vest I’m making.
  19. FlagstaffGT

    Once in a lifetime occasion....

    A couple of answers: It will be 120 years until I see this again One clutch at 65k miles Lots of tires, maybe 6-7 rear sets, 3-4 fronts, and several nails Pulley and tune after warranty expired 1 lean O2 engine code, for which new sensors were bought , but code never came back 1 engine code...
  20. FlagstaffGT

    Once in a lifetime occasion....

    So what happens next? If it goes to 00000.0 then in 12 years I might see this again. If it goes to 100000.0, it will be 120 years.