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  1. viva gt

    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    Steve, I am just under an hour from your place. With that beast you could be here in 19.35 min...come on up for a beer. Maybe see dg1's new car..not telling what he
  2. viva gt

    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    Congratulations Steve . Bring it up for a drive to our place so we can see it.
  3. viva gt

    Battery stuck

    Try Taking the battery hold down bolt all the way out. Then dislodge/ remove the wedge. The battery should come out.
  4. viva gt


    Just.......WOW. AMAZING....CONGRATES
  5. viva gt

    Ford GT fuel cutoff issue

    Kendell was kind enough to reach out all the way to Canada to give me support when I had issues with passing e test. He walk me through the procedure and my car passed with no problems.
  6. viva gt

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shegotlegs

    Happy birthday
  7. viva gt

    Cant wait for the new GT500

    I think my 2014 GT500 has a factory CF Driveshaft .
  8. viva gt

    Will it fit?

  9. viva gt

    Legendary Motor car video

    Steve, Where is the vid link ?
  10. viva gt

    New GT painting

    I like how the reflexion is of the 60's cars
  11. viva gt

    Happy Birthday 06fordgt !!

    :cheersHappy Birthday, Have a great day.
  12. viva gt

    A nice thank you from Ford

    Very nicely done
  13. viva gt

    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    good news for those looking for NFGT
  14. viva gt

    Headlight adjustment - horizontal

    i don't remember there being any room to move it left and/or right. it is a very snug fit into the fender opening. there were shims to make the fitment better within the fender opening,,,but that was up/down on one corner. good luck. PS, if you are taking the fender liner out,,i found that using...
  15. viva gt

    Tariffs, are coming....who will cancel their order if hypothetical tariffs happen

    Way better than orange, cherry and or grape,.....
  16. viva gt

    VIN 0088

    Cool write up ..congrats
  17. viva gt

    Attention Canadian GT owners in the GTA

    06fordgt recommends you guys for all our service in the GTA Welcome to the site