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  1. thegtguy

    Camilo and his "Sonic Orange"

    Camilo just sent me these from his trip out West.
  2. thegtguy

    Did you know this about your GT?

    There is a cable inside the door that connects the lock cylinder to the latch, mechanically. This way you can get in the car if the battery is dead. If it is hard to open push inboard on the door to take some pressure off of the latch. Some cars are harder than others and I have seen (and...
  3. thegtguy

    Camilo Additions

    You mean "Signature Series" Only built by GTG.
  4. thegtguy

    Looking for Thermostat Housing

    Cool. I'll send it out today with the gauges. Thanks
  5. thegtguy

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Fairly straight forward if you have the guts. It is just layered and very sequence oriented like the other car. I will say the front inner fenders are a 100x easier on the new car than the old car though. Headliner and some of the interior has to come out in order to get the buttress' off...
  6. thegtguy

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Anytime Carl. From when we had Camilo's apart for repaint.
  7. thegtguy

    Looking for Thermostat Housing

    Housing Trade you for some of the gauge work I'm getting ready to send you.
  8. thegtguy

    2005-06 Ford GT chassis group buy

    I might be in for a few. Is this shipped to my door or yours? Will we have to come to MN to pick them up? Usually when we buy frames they will only ship to the person that bought them.
  9. thegtguy

    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Thank you to all for the B day wishes. Just spent the weekend cleaning my car from the road trip to and from Atlanta where it was great to see everyone again.
  10. thegtguy

    Leather dash defroster vent removal...

    Yes just send me an email. I have a few sets left. Also I fixed the costs above.
  11. thegtguy

    Leather dash defroster vent removal...

    Send me an email and I will get back to you on Wednesday when I get back to the shop.
  12. thegtguy

    Leather dash defroster vent removal...

    Tops vents are not serviced separately and not from another car. Only way to get them from Ford is to buy a dash. About $30k is right. Part #4G7Z 6304320 BAA Retail $32,131.17 We have the file and had a few sets 3D printed a few years ago. Very nice pieces. We have also made a "band...
  13. thegtguy


    Im inbetween a few cars. Bring it down next week. Should be able to figure it out.
  14. thegtguy

    Rich, GT Guy Gravel screens

    As of now no, on the mudflaps. I do not have a car to use/scan as I wanted to make something for the front and back. Also estimated costs seemed a bit high for the owners I spoke to. Estimated complete car set would have been in the $650ish range. I would still like to do this but I would...
  15. thegtguy

    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Thank you to all for the B day wishes and kind words.
  16. thegtguy

    2006 GT shuts down on acceleration

    Stock tires and wheels? If they are aftermarket the diameters could be too close of a ratio from front to back causing the ABS module to limit speed to around 50mph. Seen this before when someone else spec'd out wheels for their car. Don't think a fuel pump relay will set the ABS light.
  17. thegtguy

    Ford Racing long tube headers (2)

    2 sets of Ford Racing long tube header sets. M-9430-GT OFF-ROAD ONLY! NOT STREET LEGAL! The one set on the blanket has about 2000 miles on them and the other set has about 5000 miles on them. No bolts, springs, or gaskets $2000 per set plus shipping Email or 734-658-9498...
  18. thegtguy

    Prepping for clear bra

    We had to remove the belly pans off of a new owners car so the pans can have clear bra installed. Removing the pans from the new car is a lot more involved than removing the pans from the old car (I really can’t believe I called the 05' old :frown:frown ), more time consuming and more about the...
  19. thegtguy

    2017 Ford GT engine air filter

    Have not done it yet but didn't look too bad once the belly pans are off.