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    Alternative to 2020 GT 500

    Hi Just bought a 2011 Super Snake, modified suspension, rims, tires, interior and exterior, with 800 HP, carbon bits and more, a real fun loose street car, first owner only put 400 miles on it, may be less expensive alternative to waiting for 2020 GT 500? Steve
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    Legendary Motor car video

    Hi Just did a video up at Legendary Motor car, with Peter Klutt Steve I'm not exactly sure believe it airs later 2019 just a short spot, was a very strange process to film this. You try and have a regular back and forth conversation but with 1 camera every time you reply you have to stop...
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    2016 Asembly tour?

    2016 Assembly tour? Hello With cars being allocated in January or so, then sold later wouldn't the 2016 GT be in production now at Multi Matic? Are they being made in Markham? I wonder if they would let anyone tour the facility? Steve Toronto
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    Need a stock tack

    Hello I Have an 05 I need a working stock tack, can send Pay Pal. Thank you Steve Toronto
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    1,003 miles

    Hello Just drove my car over the 1,000 mile mark, as much as I never had a car with such low mileage that looks and smells brand new in every way, I simply can't resist. Steve
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    Hello gentlemen I have a 917 mile GT that I have decided to drive and enjoy more, besides Torries pulley tune, I want to replace the original tires, please confirm the Bridgestone Scuderia REO50A rear 345/35ZR19 will fit? I have asked my local Ford dealer and tire retailers both seem concerned...
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    Hello I was considering putting "Slime" into the GT tires as a preventative measure against some flats, considering we have no spare, it's very hard to jack car up and cringe at the thought of trailering this may give some peace of mind, has anyone used this? Thank you Steve
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    Advice on 2013 GT 500 purchase

    Hello Looking for Forum members advice on getting a 2013 GT 500 as a fast alternative to my stock low mileage GT. Car would be used for mainly street use driven at the track once a year, like the coupe Black with stripes and the 821A motor, Racaro seats option. Not sure about tire choice (G2"s...
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    loose control under acceleration?

    I'm little miffed how good experienced drivers can loose control of these cars under acceleration, I have owned high horse vehicles and mainly keep wheels straight with warm tires, dry hot and have pushed my GT spinning tires and been OK? Is it more power than I think or is the GT a little...
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    GT general information

    Hello I was looking to get more general information on the ford GT, been on few web sites etc, specifically looking for a 22 page PDF file dealers had to help sell the car. Any other reading material references etc would be appreciated, also remember TV spot showing the entire development...
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    transaxle output shaftbolt recall

    Hello I have low mileage 05 car that the original owner did not replace the transaxle output shaft bolts on the 2007 recall, they fracture when accelerating from a stop, he put 250 miles on since then. I do not plan to do any burn outs or drop clutch at all, this is a 100% stock car. Do you...
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    mark on shifter

    Hello I have a small dark mark on the shifter shaft only were it would touch boot in second gear, anyone else have same? picture attached. Suggestions to fix it? Thank you Steve