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  1. BtwoG

    New Velgen wheels

    As many of you know, I've been critical of the fact that we cant find modern tires for our 05-05 Ford GTs, and for those of you who have NFGTs, you know how great the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are. So I set out on a mission to find a set of wheels that matched the Michelin PSC2 tires. I...
  2. BtwoG

    Amelia Concours d'Elegance

    Is anyone going to Amelia this year? Mitchell? I finally decided to pull the trigger this year. I'm probably not driving the GT down there, but will likely have the GT350. What are the must dos? Thanks Bill
  3. BtwoG

    Cap on belly pan

    All, I did an oil change on the new GT today. When I dropped the middle belly pan, this cap was sitting loose on top of the pan. Any idea where it came from? I'm guessing it was covering some component during assembly and someone was just too lazy to fish it out of there. Any thoughts?
  4. BtwoG

    Ford GTs on Sams Garage TV show

    Gary Woolley's and my Ford GTs were featured on a recent episode of Sam's Garage. Gary is the consummate Ford GT ambassador, even plugging the Rally.
  5. BtwoG

    What would you buy?

    Now that the NFGT is pretty much a 7 figure car on the used market, I've been wondering if you sold your GT for a million-ish dollars or had that much sitting in a bank account, what would you purchase? I've always thought the Porsche 918 or Carrera GTs were cool cars. The DeTomaso P72 is...
  6. BtwoG

    What wheels are these? iForged

    All, I recently picked up a set of wheels that were supposed to be HREs. They have Hennessey Performance center caps. On the barrel of the wheel, there is a sticker that says iForged Performance Alloys. From pics on the Interweb, they look like iForged Daytonas. It looks like iForged is out...
  7. BtwoG

    $8000 brake job?

    Shmee just posted a video saying it cost him $8000 to replace brake pads on his NFGT. Really? Arent these just Brembo pads?
  8. BtwoG

    NFGT floor mats?

    Has anyone found a good solution for floor mats? I know there are some expensive options out there with the same basic footprint as the stock ones. I'm interested in something preferably plastic that protects the carbon fiber, especially along the sides of the footwell like the areas circled...
  9. BtwoG

    Introducing M034 Liquid Red GT

    My 2006 GT was delivered on a rainy day in May of 2014. So it seems only fitting that my new GT would be delivered on an equally rainy day. Like many of you in August 2015, we listened to Raj talk about the new GT and how many current GT owners would end up with a new GT. While that was...
  10. BtwoG

    Factory car covers are back

    They're back.
  11. BtwoG

    NFGT Door Height

    Are any of you guys storing your NFGT under your old GT on a lift? At what height do you need the lift to keep the doors from hitting? Or must you always put the NFGT on top because it isnt practical. Thanks
  12. BtwoG

    RoadStr app

    I came across the RoadStr app yesterday, which is essentially a social media platform focused on automobiles. I havent spent much time on it other than to create a profile and upload a couple pictures, but it seems very well done. The biggest challenge that I see is user adoption as there dont...
  13. BtwoG

    Jurgen Alzen Motorsports turbo Ford GT on the Nurburgring

    Worth the view, just to hear the GT turbo snorting and popping. It is devouring every car on the track.
  14. BtwoG

    GT40 race book

    Some documents from the early GT40 racing program were recently donated to the Ford archives Don Eichstaedt, a retired Engineer, approached Mose Noland because he had some GT paperwork that he wanted to make sure was preserved. The press release doesnt provide much material...
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    This could be really cool...
  16. BtwoG

    Petit Le Mans

    Yeah, I know its not the same for a whole slew of reasons. But if anyone is going to PLM this weekend, let me know. I'll have the GT there tomorrow.
  17. BtwoG

    Michelin tire tech

    A great article on bespoke tire design by our own tame racing driver Billy Johnson.
  18. BtwoG

    Joey Hand's and Scott Pruett's personal GTs for sale

    Looks like Canepa is selling more cars associated with the program. Joey Hand's GT Chassis H068. Pretty fitting. Scott Pruett's GT I wonder what the "race driver" premium is on these...
  19. BtwoG

    Ford Performance Introduces All-Electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

    Generally not a fan of EVs, but this seems pretty badass. Though I dont know how well it will go over in the drag racing community. Perhaps more of a marketing endeavor. "it’s projected to crush the quarter-mile in the low-8-second range at more than 170 mph. "...
  20. BtwoG

    New tire tech

    The Bridgestones that many of us use on our GTs these days are pretty decent tires. But they are basically a 15+ year old design and tire technology has advanced light years since then. The Pilot Sport Cup 2s that come on the NFGT and the new Shelbys are nothing short of amazing (assuming you...