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    Are headlights hard to get?

    Aren't you going to have to go thru the testing whether the part is a copy of the OEM unit or an improved version?
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    Are headlights hard to get?

    What is the primary reason we replace these? I would guess damage to the plastic assembly. Maybe the stock electronics can be swapped into a new assembly? IDK. Having new, modern, improved electronics and lighting as an option might help sell more units which could defray the cost of...
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    FGT price finally coming down

    I love that color.
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    Are headlights hard to get?

    If the plastic lens and bodies can be produced, why not offer them with the option of modern electronics and lighting? It’s not like the original lighting is that great to begin with. Might help recapture some of the costs to produce. I would stick my originals on the shelf to save for...
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    Battery for 2006 gt

    every dimension was a little bit bigger, but the drastically lighter weight made it a bit easier to get into position. It locked down just fine. Slight rerouting of cables were necessary. Thought everything was going to be a go but I didn’t know how much clearance existed from the top of the...
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    Battery for 2006 gt

    My first OEM battery lasted 8 years. My last 2 (1 OEM, 1 Optima) both fizzled out at around 2 years. I wanted to try something different so I bought a Lithium Antigravity battery.
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    Anyone catch this madness?

    New New business opportunity?
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    Jay Leno suffers serious burns in gas fire

    He’s an incredible ambassador for our car hobby/culture.
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    Bumper Delete

    My bet is you will need to get him on the phone. Shipping won't be easy of cheap, but it is doable.
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    Bumper Delete

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    No, just…
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    11 Mile 850 HP 2014 GT500 Super Snake For Sale On BAT

    Good Luck. I don't think you'll need luck tho.
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    Frunk Rubbing Against Bumper

    Does removing the Front Screen really make an appreciable difference in cooling?
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    Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner BAD...."squealing banshee". ?

    Would a Gearwrench box-end fit?
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    Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner BAD...."squealing banshee". ?

    Great idea, did it make it easier? .
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    I spy, GT in HI

    You forgot Hyundai.
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    California Digital Plate

    When questioned, our DOT admitted that the transponders would indeed be able to transmit this data. But they promised, cross their hearts, that isn’t what they will be used for. .
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    Oil Pressure Gauge

    If you do need to replace the gauge, do all of them together. Get them directly from Autometer
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    New owner in SoCal

    Eager to hear the specs on the HRE’s and tires. Welcome
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    California Digital Plate

    Interesting. Thank you for linking this.