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  1. gtjoey


    Guys, I get a call from my neighbor who is moving out of New York, a real surprise. He gave his car to AUTOSPORT DESIGN in Huntington. Its red Three option /Stripe delete and HAS LESS THAN 250 MILES. Vin 1300 or so/ 2005 Another nut job like us , he was at every event at the Barn with his...
  2. gtjoey

    Get your collectors Ford Gt COVID 19 mask!

    It been 15 years my friends going for inspections since new. Our places have been closed for months so when I finally went they had complimentary Ford Masks! Ihadmy blue but this will now hang on my mirror for the next 15 years of adventure! This car never gets old! Gtjoey1314
  3. gtjoey

    2005 Ford Gt memories

    Hard to believe at Amelia the old Gt is considered a true classic like all the others But then to see Crains car vin 351 with the Gurney bubble for sale Great great car!
  4. gtjoey

    Look for a Ford Gt

    Guys my neighbor is hooked and is looking for a low mileage late 2005 thu mid 2006 4 option car Pm me anytime Thank you Gtjoey1314
  5. gtjoey

    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Guys for all the new owners or old timers that just never got around to it....... Our 05/06 fuel lines that run into the runners are PRESSED on. Over the years the rubber gets weak and the fuel starts to weep! Please take 3 minutes and get two clamps at the hardware store for 50 cents and secure...
  6. gtjoey


    Amazon has picked up the Around the World book worldwide just like the first... So enjoy! Instead of worrying about H/P and weight loss...... Maybe it will inspire someone to do a NEW trip Around the world "ALMOST":biggrin Happy to be alive, See you all at Amelia Island. GTJOEY1314
  7. gtjoey

    Meet the drivers at limerock / lachelle seymour.........

    Guys, I received a call today from Lachelle, She will be the coordinator of things at Limerock. If we can list on this page how many people will be there on Saturday, she can set up a meet and greet either at noon or before at the race trucks. The more people the sooner she will make it. I...
  8. gtjoey

    Gt's at the barn and lucas ford for air bag recall.......

    Its been a long time and safety for all of us comes first and for THE future owners. Howie Lucas is putting together the recall with our cars. On hand will be the GTGUYS to do everything else as well. The times will be somewhere around mid oct. So far we have 23 cars. Its been a long time so...
  9. gtjoey

    PETROL RATIONING IN france due to union/government disputes.

    Guys, my Friends traveling across Europe are having a hard time getting gas as the Unions are in negotiations with the government. They started rationing a couple of days ago. iN SHORT A GAS/PETROL STRIKE for benefits and wages. My ETYPE group that faithfully goes to the many events in the...
  10. gtjoey

    Good luck everyone......

    Well , It was just over 11 years ago most of us got involved with the Ford GT. It all comes full circle once again.....Good Luck everyone! GTJOEY1314
  11. gtjoey

    Two weeks until the first ford gt victory!

    Don Carson and I will bring champagne for all WIN, LOSE or DRAW. Spoke to Jeff Larson, anyone in for a dinner ? GTJOEY1314 I FEEL A WIN!
  12. gtjoey

    "ford gt an american icon" the series !

    I would first like to thank everyone on this forum and the many friends who will be appearing on the show! The show is now in its final revisions ready for release in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Our voice over man "Bill Stevens has had some health issues as we were in the final stages of the show...
  13. gtjoey

    An allotment for the new gt opened up

    Now that King Abdullah has died, DBK, can I get his allotment?:lol GTJOEYECOBOOST1314
  14. gtjoey

    How history repeats itself....

    In the 60's a race car was born hoping to be sold as a street car. 40 years later its reincarnated as a street car hoping to go racing. Once again , the race car is created, hoping to become a wonderful street car THE FORD GT40, FORD GT THE NEW FORD GT. ALL THE BEST Good luck Ford. GTJOEY1314...
  15. gtjoey

    2006 ford gt 1316

    Being offered this car, looks like a florida car its whole life, two accidents......any stories? GTJOEY1314
  16. gtjoey

    New indy series

    WOW, Its pretty neat and different looking....tire combos, different,chevy,lotus....WHERES FORD? Hopefully they come to play soon and get out of p/c land............. Lokks promising....gtjoey1314
  17. gtjoey

    Ford carlisle/ gt's

    Ford nationals at Carlisle is June 1st to the 3rd, Hard to believe it was one year ago that Nardo and I made the decision at the show to go around the world:thumbsup. Anyone interested in going, Im bringing the race car...SVTOA, will have not only have the outside tent and parking for our gt's...
  18. gtjoey

    Grand prix/ the killer years.....

    New hour special on velocity tv tonite.........1960s' thru early 1970's.....All you can say is WOW.............all the guys thAT DIED and Jackie Stewart backing reforms.....unreal time, some gt coverage too..........bruce Mclaren jimmy clarke and all the rest...........great watch.....warning...
  19. gtjoey

    One lap baby

  20. gtjoey

    2001 Bentley Arnage..Red Label

    Guys, I bought my dad a brand new Arnage red label, special order in 2001 when he retired.......... Its royal dark blue/tan interior and every piece of paper since new...... Its just to big for him now............We put 2 new batteries/tires/brakes and oil change and service.....will post pics...