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  1. Kpgarage

    F150 Lightning underside

    Our new Lightning arrives in two weeks. Think we’ll pick it up in the GT. I don’t care what it runs on, if it’s a vehicle that’s fun to me. Excluding Prius of course!
  2. Kpgarage

    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    true to some extent but most of these cars are not museum pieces and are driven. Even now there is a strong need for spare parts which might not ever get used. Nonetheless it is a market and that is where things will head. I presume there are still around 4000 of these out there. Even if half...
  3. Kpgarage

    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    The market will answer. “If someone will buy it they will make it” Dennis Carpenter Parts is a great example. He started making dash knobs for 40 Fords in his kitchen and saw the market for obsolete parts. His company flourished from there. Same thing with the GT. Ford has a built in...
  4. Kpgarage

    A tribute to American muscle

    Excellent taste in cars! Each one a legend in itself.
  5. Kpgarage

    Carlisle All Ford 2022

    Lance, Excellent news. Once news of Joey and Camillo being there leaked, it's Katie bar the door! See everyone there. KO
  6. Kpgarage

    Carlisle All Ford 2022

    If I’ve missed any posts on this I apologize. Are there plans for any FGT group events? I know it’s Lance’s show and it’s become one of the best Ford events in the world. Can’t bring a GT because no room to carry parts for other projects home but would enjoy meeting up. Thanks, KO
  7. Kpgarage

    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    Ford actually listed the GT in their available fleet vehicles in 2005 and 2006. Although I don’t know how many or even if any were sold through fleet sales, the story back in the day was that only fleet customers that purchased large numbers of other typical fleet vehicles, like white ranger...
  8. Kpgarage

    Wrapping matte car

    I was at a cars and coffee yesterday and a 2006 GT showed up in matte camouflage. Underneath the car was a tungsten. I acknowledge it’s just my opinion, but just can’t tell you how underwhelming it was. I Know some of you go by the rule “no pictures, didn’t happen “ I get that, but just couldn’t...
  9. Kpgarage

    Interesting article about the control arm recall

    I remember this back in the day. I agree Ford did it right and the billet arms are simply works of art visually. My 2005 has them and I still kid my son that his 2006 has the plain boring looking ones.
  10. Kpgarage

    Bro, it's a Ford GT

    now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. I’ve got to stop watching UFC fight Club. Turned it on a couple of nights ago and an academy awards show broke out.
  11. Kpgarage

    2021 Sebring

    I will repeat my humble plea for Ford to return to Sebring. Once again, on what should be Ford’s home turf, no blue oval to be found. I know the GT3 mustang is coming for 2024, but why is the GT not racing? I know we’ve been told “that ship has sailed”, but that’s a position that needs...
  12. Kpgarage


    I worked my way through school in a tire shop and you’re correct that you can really get an idea about tire quality from that different perspective. The balancing machine is very telling. IMHO, there is nothing close to Michelin. I’m however very pleased with the Bridgestones that I have on the...
  13. Kpgarage

    ‘06 McIntosh stereo issue

    forgot the GT has a stereo
  14. Kpgarage

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    He was born in 98 and Shelby used it often on his race cars
  15. Kpgarage

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    Stuart, Come by next time. Our home is about 5 miles from that tint place. My son’s Heritage is 98. My buddy who sent me that picture said he thought Patrick had changed his number. I’ve never driven mine or his in the rain. Hope I don’t have to with the heavy rains we have. Merry Christmas! KO
  16. Kpgarage

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    I thought it might be him as well but he had a “3” on his car last time I saw it. KO
  17. Kpgarage

    Ford GT, the all weather fun car

    Anyone here belong to this? Buddy sent it to me from downtown area Orlando asking if it was me. I only know of three heritage cars in central Florida. Maybe now a fourth.
  18. Kpgarage

    Crazy on the outside

    For those of you who are Tim Allen fans, check out this flick, ‘Crazy on the Outside”. somehow missed it til now. Allen’s great but is upstaged by one of his co-stars which is a car. No spoilers from here so I’ll hush. Check it out. KO