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  1. italianjoe

    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated would not surprise if it is already on there.....🤣🤪
  2. italianjoe

    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    I was telling Steve that the car from northern Michigan ended up being a loose battery cable at the starter....just goes to show you that the simplest things can cause the biggest problems. That poor guy had his car towed twice before he said enough was enough and shipped the car to us. Joe
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    The End

    The beginning to an End is what I would say. Joe
  4. italianjoe

    The End

    I can't help but to feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad that purduction is almost at an end but happy and blessed to have meet so many great owners. A big Thank you to Brian and Kevin @ Pat Milliken, Also to the great crew at Multimatic. I can't forget DBK for all his support and to all the...
  5. italianjoe

    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    Thank you Steve for your business and it was a pleasure meeting you. I have to be honest ever time a Ford GT goes back home to its owner I feel like part of me goes with it......enjoy her and if you ever need anything you have my number. Joe
  6. italianjoe

    Is that a kit car?

    It could be worse.....I get called magnum all the time and at car shows I hear it's not real it's a fiero kit car.....🤨 the best one is.......what do you do for a living and I tell them I'm a mechanic and they laugh and as they walk away I can hear them say "told you its fake" oh well....🤪
  7. italianjoe

    OIl Filter?

    Hello Brian GTS. I'm the New Ford GT technician at Pat Milliken Ford and as far as I know ford servicing dealership are the only sources for parts on the New Ford GT. I'm not aware of any other place to purchase parts and/or filters besides a Ford certified dealership. There is a thread on this...
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    Cap on belly pan

    Hello Jsonday, you can use your hoist pad and place a regular hockey puck on top of that and the lift points you can't miss them it's a round metal pad the size of the hockey puck. Joe
  9. italianjoe

    Failed inspection

    Hello nota4re, if it was the PCM I would agree but the check engine light would go off and a code p1000 would remain until you go through a "drive cycle" and if all good no check engine light would come back on. This is why I asked to see repair history. I just reviewed the repair history and...
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    Failed inspection

    Sent you a message if you have any questions feel free to call me anytime. Joe
  11. italianjoe

    Failed inspection

    I could look at the previous repair order but will need his Vin. Joe
  12. italianjoe

    Failed inspection

    Gene, after an update no.....the only thing I can think of is there being a misfire code and the tech thinking it would need a misfire profile performed ? But not sure this is why I asked if you have codes. If you can pm me your vin I could look it up on oasis and see it's on the Repair order. Joe
  13. italianjoe

    Failed inspection

    Hello Gene, codes will not clear by driving ....they will stay in will need to clear them after you have made any repairs to ensure repairs fix the issues by clearing codes, road test and retest. If no codes are present after that then you have successfully repaired the problem...
  14. italianjoe

    Failed inspection

    Hello Gene, what failed ? Emissions? And you have codes in your car ? What codes ? If you can give me a code I could try and help. Joe
  15. italianjoe

    Front RHS Sitting Too High

    Hello, PilotMarky More then likely it was air in the hydraulic system. Always a good idea to move car and wing up and down to purge any air in the system. Joe
  16. italianjoe

    a/c not blowing cold

    Just a caution check to make sure its not the hi side fitting that's leaking .....have had a few of them leaking. Parts catalog doesn't show the Schrader valve as a separate part. Joe
  17. italianjoe

    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    Hello steved57, just wanted to let you know I just received a call yesterday from a NFGT owner in northern Michigan who has the same issuse, will be bring that in soon and will let you know what I find out. Joe
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    #youbetterbelievejoeiscoming. Lmao
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    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee - June 12th

    Kevin has been slacking as of late.....managers they are all the same.....lazy.😜
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    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    Hello Stormcat, I was just talking to Steve a few hours ago and told him about your experience with your car. After I heard about your experience and leaving you stranded we at Pat Milliken Ford had a meeting and came up with a plan to make sure that none of our local would be stranded for that...