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    Looking for left rear CF diffuser

    I'm looking for a good left-side (driver) section of the rear CF diffuser. I have a spare with a somewhat repairable crack but would rather rivet in a good piece. Best regards and Happy Holidays, Bret.
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    If the '05 / '06 was never released until now. The build quantity, price and exclusivity was the same as the NFGT. Which would you choose? (Both is not an option :wink). B.
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    OEM Goodyear F1 Supercar Tires / As New

    Just bought another GT. The owner had just purchased a set of OEM Goodyears for the car. They still have top nubbies on the tires. They came from Tire Rack, cost $1600. Sell for $1000 or best offer. Shipping is on buyer, but I will assist in delivery to shipper. I have another set of tires which...
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    Shelby Regional / NE Pennsylvania - Oct 16-18

    Hello All, This has been a wonderful event every year. Great folks, cars, shows, driving tours and speakers. Plan on making it this year for a day or the entire show. Many Shelbys and Ford Products including GTs. Best regards, Bret. :usa
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    Why Tungsten?

    Why was Grey chosen for a 40th anniversary color? The official anniversary Color for this celebration is listed as "Ruby Red" and the first place car at Lemans was black........? Who made the call? Best, Bret.
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    Calling Centerpunch - Start up the "" site!!

    He did a great job the first time.:wink Never though we would get another chance to buy a new FGT............
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    Trade '05/'06 GT for '16 GT?

    Would You Trade Yours For a New One? Even up...............
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    New Mustang "R" Model

    I know the big news is the GT, but lets not forget about the little Mustang..................... R model Mustangs are a special bunch. Those out there that have owned or driven one know exactly what I am talking about.:wink I'm excited to see Ford introducing a car who's last model year was...
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    Is there any clear pictures of this thing? Today is the unveiling, any real pictures?
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    2006 Black FGT - 9400mi @ Mecum Auction 23 Nov '13 Advertised as stripe delete but has sides. Best, Bret.