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    Current original FGT owners get first rights on new GT!

    Probably leave the decision in the hands of their dealers
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    Can manufacturers limit additional dealer rape?

    I am second or third on the list. Dealer principal is keeping the first one. Best customer has the second. Nice thing he got a ford gt and wasn't him. I may be second. Dealer figures 1 for sure. Possibly 1-2 more.
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    2016 FORD GT Gallery

    I have had to repeatedly change my underwear every time I look at it.
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    Aston Martin DBC Concept

    And given the mercedes relashionship, a v12 bi turbo ?
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    Formula 1

    I think they only wanted vettel to get ahead of webber but not everyone that did. In slowing the pit stop it botched the rythm badly is what I suspect happened. I thing that Red bull is far enough ahead they can play those games and ensure vettel makes maximum points for the championship. I...
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    Formula 1

    The conspiracy theory is that they probably the team was trying to hold up Webber or else he would have been ahead of Vettle. The delay tactics was not practiced or well coordinated so it blew up in their faces and Webber paid big time. I suspect he would have won. Love Kimi and I want him to...
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    McLaren MP4-12C Launch Control Demo, 10.3...

    stock? Wow!!!!
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    Any opinions on the new gt3 porsche to soon be released?

    Check out this video
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    Any opinions on the new gt3 porsche to soon be released?

    yup!!! In regards to rowing through the gears, thats why you have many cars and just one wife. Cheaper that way.
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    Any opinions on the new gt3 porsche to soon be released?

    Was looking at some videos and other stuff. Sounds very interesting. Thoughts?
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    Porsche 997GT3 RS vs Ford GT on track in Germany

    That was a terrible ending to an otherwise great show.
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    New Mclaren

    Agree with your depreciation assessment and the doors of the Gt have to be fully open. Keep me updated as to the car and your experience.
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    New Mclaren

    I drove one recently and the upgraded meridian left me wanting. The car is a little tight inside but still reasonable. Egress is not easy and leaves you looking a little foolish. I suspect that is why you see this car depreciating to the degree it does. Those who can afford it are usually are...
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    Thank you Santa

    Lucky 7. Congrats on the car. Getting in looks like it will be fun for you.
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    A Cautionary Tale

    I am hate this type of behavior. I simply take the left lane and make a left turn with little warning or the right lane with a right turn when I am around people like that or simply drive in their blind spot where they cannnot see the car at a slower pace till they give up. If it means driving 5...
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    Another famous owner of our GT

    I know. Who would concede they own and drive the slowest colored version of a GT. Red.
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    Pulled the trigger on a 458 Ferrari....

    Would you give up a ford gt for the 458?
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    Wild Romain Sidelined for Italian Grand Prix

    Tough lesson. But you need an intact car to win a race. That is what makes Alonso such a star. No matter how bad the car he nurses it along (in the grass at times) and and gets whatever he can get out it without crashing. I think his trick is he likes his cars to understeer a bit so he has to...
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    Welcome to the club, officially. Got the oem replacement guage and ordered my speedhut guages. Hope mine last until then.
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    Headlight problem

    Either way if the cause is related to the service then the garage is responsible for fixing the issue. I would presume they are insured especially if they are charging you so much for service. If they are charging you premium pricing they should provide premium service :wink