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  1. anya


    In need of a set of wheels preferably 19 and 20" after market or original? a spare set for Mojave
  2. anya

    WA OR transporter

    We are shipping two or three cars from Seattle Anyone in WA or OR could probably be accomadated? Jim
  3. anya


    Anyone know of any good F40s for sale? Please don't tell the wife :secret:
  4. anya

    stolen GT battery

    Guys- Not only do I hijack my dad's computer but I stole one of his GT batteries for my old car! :rofl Kim PS My dad is awesome and got the car running great again!
  5. anya

    Dymag wheels

    Anyone know of a pair of 19" Dymags? I have 20" front and rear and cannot get the ABS-brake lights to go away? Jim
  6. anya

    gtx1 top

    original unpainted top for gtx1 for sale! Pm me
  7. anya

    A clean garage!

    WE cleaned up the car storage! All the cars are now in a painted dry clean and heated space. Lots of work but well worth it. Hope you enjoy a shot of the secret location. :cheers Jim, Kim and Ryan (wife wants no part of this):banana
  8. anya

    Cars & Coffee in Seattle

    It never rains in Seattle. :rofl Thanks to Jeff for a fun Sunday drive with the "kids". :thumbsup Jim
  9. anya

    Ford GT Team History book

    Looking for a copy GT team history book. Would like to buy or trade for Ford GT Americas Super Car Returns. Thanks Jim (for low miles keep your GT on a carrier):wink
  10. anya

    carbon fiber wheels

    Have a nail in rear tire with carbon fiber wheels. Any suggestions for repair?Big O dinged my Fikse wheels so not an option. Thanks Jim:frown