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    Mini GT40 by Francis Mortarini of SCAF in France. Heritage . #21 of 75 imported to the USA in 1966 Complete ground up restoration including the following: New Briggs & Stratton 9 HP engine Electric starter Kill Switch Electric Lights (front & rear) Hand stiched leather wrap steering...
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    2016 GT print available

    Another excellent large print, "60" x 24", by alan green. go to the following to view:
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    2016 Ford GT Print

    Check out the 47" x 24" print on canvas titled "Road to LeMans". Go to great looking print and reasonably priced.
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    Wall Street Journal /2016 GT price

    does anyone know where the WSJ got their information, from Ford, "A screaming deal price: $150,000, says Ford". this is on page D11 of the Saturday/Sunday January 17, 2015 issue? nice number if we can believe it.
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    Paint Bubbling

    Just recently noticed that we have a couple small areas where the paint, on the top of the front cover is showing small bubbles, size of pin heads. any idea what could be causing this and what might be done to correct it?
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    coolest gt ever built

    check this site out for the coolest gt ever built. be sure to share with your child or grandchildren. the site is "lego motorized ford gt40". enter that in a search engine and the video will come up. sorry for the confusion. have fun.
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    license plate holder

    can anyone recommend a good license plate holder arrangement for my gt. one of virginia's finest gave me a $150.00 ticket the other day for not displaying a license plate on the front. any help will be appreciated. thanks.
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    Big toys for little boys & girls

    The mini GT40's shown in the picture below were produced and sold in 1965. They were built by Francis Mortarini and his company in France. They were imported to the US by SCAF, USA, Inc. in Flourtown, PA. A total of 75 GT40's and 75 Ferrari 330P2's were imported. They are 1/2 scale with a 3 hp...
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    Ultimate compliment - virginia state trooper

    While driving my yellow GT on Virginia I 81, the other day, I noticed a state trooper on his motorcycle pulling in behind me. Of course I checked my speedometer and was ok. In a few minutes he pulled up beside me and switched on his helmet microphone amphlifier. He then said something like this...