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  1. GTJack

    FS: NFGT related items

    I have the following items for sale. Message me if interested. SOLD - Ford SERVICE manual for new GT. Part No: FCS-21464-19. It's a CD and runs on Windows, not sure about a Mac. It's listed on Heims as a 2019 Manual, but the label says 2018. Current new cost is $205. My price is $150 plus...
  2. GTJack


    A friend sent these to me and I thought Ford fans would like to see some history of the Ford plant over 100 years ago. Second last card, 24, is interesting with a number of stats regarding production. Times have certainly changed. OSHA inspectors of today would be astounded!
  3. GTJack

    92 ON 29th!!

    K092 is finally home. The BIG Orange truck arrived March 29. Kudos to Mike the driver as he backed down our winding country road so Steve would not have to drive the last quarter mile to our house. About 15 local and Ford GT Forum friends (Dr. Frank, Blake (Big Inch), Indy (Bill Dickie), and...
  4. GTJack

    WHAT A DAY...or two.....

    Chris Callan joined me and a good friend at Multimatic Wednesday. Great day inside seeing K092 and other cars for Forum owners that were either done or in process. What an experience! We spent 3 hours there and got "most" of our questions answered. Pearce was a great host and it was good to...
  5. GTJack

    German Grand Prix today was an incredible race

    For all who can get this on the web, it is well worth the time to watch. I have never seen so much passing in one race and so many twists and turns in strategy and reactions to rain/no rain. Amazing how race results can change so abruptly! No spoiler alert, just watch it.
  6. GTJack

    My New GT was delivered yesterday!!

    We had a dump of 2 inches of snow yesterday but that did not stop delivery of my new Ford GT! If anyone else wants to get a new Ford GT without the loooong wait, I am in year 3, and a simple ordering process, but no carbon fiber box, the best price i found was on the LEGO site, 1/2 of what...
  7. GTJack

    Check your inbox - phase 2

    I received an email from Ford at 5 AM today thanking me for my patience and saying I am now "part of the special group that has the opportunity to purchase the all-new Ford GT"!!! Mama, and my wife, have told me all my life to be patient, which until retirement has not been one of my...
  8. GTJack

    Red is the "Fastest Color"

    I was waiting for Dr Frank, who was at Le Mans, to make the observation that the winning Ford GT was the designated "red" livery, confirming red is the fastest color. Red mirrors, windshield strip and windshield light. Definite proof that red was the fastest color last weekend.
  9. GTJack

    Traffic Ticket Advice in Colorado

    I have a young friend, Capt in US Special Forces, who was testing a BMW235 and got two tickets: speeding and reckless driving (might be careless). New to CO and does not spend much time there due to training and deployments, so he is looking for a good attorney in Colorado Springs area, or any...
  10. GTJack

    Farewell to a dear friend

    Martha and I have had at least one dog around the house since 1974. Today we said goodbye to what may be our best, and last, Portia. She was the sweetest dispositioned dog of all we had, and the best looking. Martha was surprised to learn she had a very protective streak as well. Martha was...
  11. GTJack

    Happy happy happy 50th birthday, mustang!

    50 years and what a history! Some ups, some downs but the future still looks bright for you. Don't get dizzy on top of the Empire State Building! Party hearty, you deserve it!
  12. GTJack


    Whew!!! I am drained. Not because of a car issue, but just saw Lone Survivor. Read the book and they did a good job of portraying the actual events of those days. Saw a 17-min video about it before we went to the movie and Marcus Luttrell, who is in a number of the movie's scenes said the...
  13. GTJack

    A good reason for putting GT and GT500 up for the winter

    After a few hours of shoveling the sidewalk and plowing the driveway I thought I would show you what we encountered in SW MO yesterday. Dormer window gives an idea of the amount of snow we had View from the inside...definitely warmer in here!
  14. GTJack

    Recent Experience with ML63 or X5?

    Wife is asking about getting a smaller SUV to run around in as when it gets cold here, the Shelby and GT dont do so well, especially below 20 F. So I am considering getting a 4WD SUV. My thoughts are running to an ML63 or an X5 with the M optional drivetrain. Internet reports seem good, but...
  15. GTJack


    A friend just shared this with me and I had never heard the term before, but got a chuckle out of some of the "Araprosdokians." Enjoy. ARAPROSDOKIANS (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently...
  16. GTJack

    Just saw news flash that Paul Walker, Fast and Furious actor, died in a car crash

    Sad. Article says he may have been giving rides in a new Porsche GT at a charity car show. As I recall from a recent Forum post, they are filming a new Fast and Furious. This may impact those plans.
  17. GTJack

    A Mind Bending Ad

    Just saw this posted on Facebook. It's an article showing a very clever Honda CRV Ad and how they did it. Very clever. Total watch time less than five minutes for both videos. Link:
  18. GTJack

    Interesting sign in a store window

    ' WE WOULD RATHER DO BUSINESS WITH 1000 AL QAEDA TERRORISTS THAN WITH ONE SINGLE BRITISH SOLDIER ! ' This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in EXETER, DEVON, ENGLAND You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement. However, we are a...
  19. GTJack

    Unsolicited Interest in my GT

    I received in the mail today an unsolicited letter expressing interest in buying my FGT for cash. I was wondering if anyone else had received such a letter, because I am curious how the person expressing interest got my mailing address. I am sure there are a few legal ways, but perhaps someone...
  20. GTJack

    RAlly 8 - Panic Time - Murphy almost got me!

    Rally 8 - Panic Time - Murphy almost got me! I got the call yesterday that Passport would be here tomorrow to pick up my car. Drove it a little last night and when I went to pull it out and give it a final once over this morning, it would not start!!! Adrenalin rush....... No gauges...