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    50TH Anniversary Ford GT

    Hello to all who read this and hope all are heathy and safe. My question to all is I have been trying to figure out if the 2019 Heritage Gulf Edition Ford GT is actually the only 50TH anniversary Heritage car. In 1966 the Ford GT that won LeMans was a black/silver striped car the matching...

    My two year ten month wait

    Just a short story about my car. I received my letter from Bill Ford on January 3 2017 telling my I was picked to get a car and that my concierge will be contacting me soon. This was when they were only building 500 cars as far as we all knew. So not wanting the black heritage edition and...


    Congratulations to all the new Ford GT owners . Hoping all Ford GT owners and everybody else that you and your family's are healthy and safe.

    2019 Gulf Edition 0242

    Just wondering does anybody else have a 2019 Gulf Edition in N.Y. N.J. or Conn.