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  1. abolfaz

    Heritage spotted on I95, miami in the rain...

    Heritage spotted in miami on I-95 in the rain... Rear bumper delete, the number four on the sides and back and Michigan plate. I'd like to thank the driver for making one of my all time favorite cars possible. :thumbsup
  2. abolfaz

    Palm Beach Supercar weekend.

    Anyone going? Any members interested in getting a bunch of South Florida GT's together for the show? A friend of mine runs it and I'm sure I could get a nice area just for FGT's. :wink:thumbsup
  3. abolfaz

    I hope it sells!

    I knew the white cars were worth the most!
  4. abolfaz

    I-forged rims, whose got them?

    How many members here have them? What size wheels and tires? What do you guys think of the wheels? Thanks!
  5. abolfaz

    Another one down...

    The white/blue cars just got a little rarer.:thumbsdow I don't want to post pics or details but suffice it to say there was another one out west that is no longer with us. What gives? Why are they being wrecked so frequently?
  6. abolfaz

    FGT vs. SLR.

    I've been watching videos of a black SLR over the past few months racing several FGT's both stock and modified (one with pulley and tune and the other with a whipple). In each instance the SLR literally walks away from the FGTs, what gives? My STOCK FGT feels faster than the SLR that I drove...
  7. abolfaz

    Big Bobs

    What do you guys think? :confused
  8. abolfaz


    WOW! The interior and color looks incredible in person. A must see. Congrats Alex.
  9. abolfaz

    Forget the 1/2 shafts, check this out! CF!

    Enough with the drama for now, what do you guys think of this: This guy has supplied the lambo world with TON's of high quality CF in the past, I'm trying to convince him to make more GT parts, the work is top notch. Comments?
  10. abolfaz

    OUCH! Who was it?

    Another one bites the dust!
  11. abolfaz

    "Innovating to reduce the need for gasoline..."

    I just saw a ford commercial on TV with Bill Ford and I wondered for a moment why the GT wasn't shown and then he says something about ford having several models that get better than 30 mpg and "Ford, Innovating to reduce the need for gasoline..." I guess the 4 or 5 mpg I get out of the GT...
  12. abolfaz

    Twin Turbo GT for sale already?

    The heffner TT Gt is already for sale?
  13. abolfaz

    Who the hell is "quiet"?

    Does anybody know anything about the ebay user "quiet"? I've watched the guy bid top money on GT's but he never gets them, what gives?
  14. abolfaz

    The way our doors should open...

    I hope its not a repost, if it is I'm sorry. Here's the way our doors should open!
  15. abolfaz

    Lets help fellow board members out here!

    A few GT owners are also lamborghini owners and are active on lamborghini boards. Clax and I have made no secret of our feelings for our GT's vs Lamborghinis that we own or have owned, yet the lambo guys can't deal with the fact that the GT out performs the lamborghinis (let alone the z06)...
  16. abolfaz

    I need the part number for the Ford GT decal, PLEASE!

    I need the part number for the passenger side stripe and decal PLEASE! At first the drivers side started to peel off which I got fixed at the dealership, but now its the passengers side. I wasn't exactly happy with the job on the drivers side so I figure rather than go through the trouble of...
  17. abolfaz

    Road noise from drivers door...

    I've never had any problem with road noise (nothing out of the ordinary at least) until the last time I got it back from the dealer. Now its getting a little annoying, so I look back while I'm driving (smart) and I notice that only when underway there is a gap between the door and the weather...
  18. abolfaz

    Ford GT vs. Viper on travel channel

    I just caught part of this, did anybody else see it? I tuned in when they were doing the 1/4 mile, the GT wins...
  19. abolfaz

    Which GT gave up the parts to build this?

    Why would you need this?