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  1. NJS

    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    Great summary. Just a sad way to finish the factory program, and a such a fantastic effort by Keating. Keating/Winn are a class act. Hoping they get to celebrate in future.
  2. NJS


    +1 Gaffer tape is way easier to remove. Really fun running at COTA for 3 days. Loads of exotics as others have mentioned. Ran the GT350R and managed a 2:29.44 -- always fun trying to catch/keep up with the GT3R/GT3RS's:
  3. NJS

    Ford GTs so far

  4. NJS

    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

    I'm in.
  5. NJS

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    Shakedown #2 at VIR, last weekend:
  6. NJS

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    Great Shakedown today. Wet in the morning, so I took it steady, bedded the brakes, and got a feel for the car. It's LOUD, way louder than my Boss 302 with Long tubes and open side pipes -- gonna need ear plugs :) Need to move the dead pedal as it's too close to the clutch, and the driving...
  7. NJS

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    Been there. Done that:
  8. NJS

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    The Contis are just for Shakedown/Non competition -- real cheap at $195 each for last years stickers, but slower than Hoosiers or Pirellis. Also picked up a full set of brand new Conti Wets for $480, that will see competition use in the wet
  9. NJS

    Out of the Ashes -- A different Phoenix

    A long story, but sadly I lost a 350R at Road America just over 2 years ago when it snapped right just after the exit of Carousel at about 100mph. Bought a Body in White, had it caged and did the rest myself, moving what was salvageable from the R. Loaded it in the trailer tonite, for...
  10. NJS

    Photos - Road Atlanta Rally (not R13 but it should be)

    A really fun trip. Hotel, weather and company were all fantastic. A few additional photos -- grid walk was a zoo, but got a couple of shots of #66 and #67, plus the corral at BBS and the support paddock:
  11. NJS

    Petit Rally

    Thanks to Bill for organizing a great drive. Fantastic roads with great scenery and good company in spite of a little wet weather for the minority of the drive. Roads, Lunch spot and Robertson racing were spectacular:
  12. NJS

    Petit Rally

    Looks like storm is moving quickly, should stop raining between 9 and 10, maybe dry before 11am?
  13. NJS

    Chip Beck & Blue Moose are Nationwide!

    Epic Road trip! Would love to do Route 66 in the NFGT. Car should be there by now, see you all tomorrow, flight lands at noon.
  14. NJS

    2018 Petit Le Mans Ford GT Owner Hospitality REGISTRATION

    Saw them today up close -- very nice!
  15. NJS

    Petit Rally

    We'll see. :)
  16. NJS

    Petit Rally

    Sign us up -- Nick and Liz are in. Thanks for putting this together!
  17. NJS

    J00162 Arrives in Detroit

    Saw the car today, Pictures look great, but seeing it in person it is just stunning! Congratulations Rex!!
  18. NJS

    Last day at Ford

    Congratulations, Mark! A fantastic career at the best Auto company. Enjoy retirement, and hope to see you at the track soon!
  19. NJS

    Pat Milliken Ford Drive - Saturday July 14

    Fantastic day trip and a spectacular museum. Many Thanks to Kevin for organizing. We ignored the silly sign on the entrance to the infield :)
  20. NJS

    Pat Milliken Ford Drive - Saturday July 14

    I'll be there with Thomas.