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    FGT Kandy Gold color code?

    Would anyone know the paint code for the new FORD GT Gold? ( I believe its the same or close to the original Holman Moody GT40 MK2).. thanks for any info
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    Does anyone know this GT40 MK1

    I have a Superformance MK1 on order and am looking at some of the original livery's for unique colors.. Does Anyone know what the color of this car is and anything about it? also, any livery's besides the Gulf Colors you think are cool, would love to see
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    New GT350r adde

    Found a great deal on a 2019 GT350R with just 800 miles on it... what a car for the money.... and that sound of the flatplane motor :)
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    The Voodoo Falcon

    This is a project I have been working on for over a year with Tom Kirkham and Mike Maire It's a 1963.5 Falcon Sprint 5.2 L GT350 motor / Tremec 6 speed Cantilever suspension Widened track 3" fabricated flares and rear panel (retained 30 year old restoration paint) etc...
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    Getting allocation for new FGT

    when the 2017 first came out I entered to get an allocation with no luck. I have a pretty good "Ford Footprint" and also promote their cars through my business RaceDeck. Currently I have a 05' FGT, Gt350R, 2 Classic Broncos, 93 Escort RS Cosworth FIA Rally Car, Ken Blocks MK2, Tremor 250 and...
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    Seat button replacement

    Somehow I have one missing aluminum seat button insert? Anyone know of a source ?
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    New garage digs for the FGT!

    Moved in the new RACEDECK Speed Garage and our FGT is looking happy
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    RACEDECK goes APE! in it's FORD GT

    The RaceDeck Gorilla escaped the garage this Halloween and went Ape Sh**T in the Ford GT
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    I was driving down the canyon and a dump truck seemed to be spraying its gravel road all over the road.. I pulled off and waited a minute... but it got me thinking, should I crack or chip the windshield, is there anyone who still carry's the stock FGT windshields?
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    Seat grommets

    I was wondering if anyone has had some of the plastic seat grommets warp or distort? I just noticed a couple that seem to have a slight warp on the outer lip? Only 6k miles so really nothing to do with wear. - Also, besides hunting various dealers.. is there a good source for oem parts?
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    Don't Miss The Biggest RACEDECK SALE

    poems about truth
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    The Biggest RACEDECK Sale Of The Year - Friday

    For 8 Hours only - The Biggest RACEDECK Sale of the year + FGT Forum deals poems about truth
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    Our 05' Ford GT in the RaceDeck Garage

    Ok, this is not ours but it really looks good on our RaceDeck FreeFlow garage flooring in the Ford Racing Paddock
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    Still on list?

    I have an 05 FGT ( and various other Ford Performance > Raptor, Classic Bronco, Kirkham, etc) and on the first round of getting on the wait list for the new FGT...Do I need to resubmit? . I would not mind doing an updated video submission :) Not that they need any more PR, but we market our FGT...
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    Rear firewall glass replacement and

    So after a great morning canyon cruise, I was washing my FGT and noticed that the flat glass on the rear fireweall has a hairline crack across it..Bummer! not sure when it happened because you can only see it under various angles and light. Has anyone had one of these replaced? Also on my...
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    GT all setteled in new garage

    We just finished up the garage in our new house and the GT is all settled in....
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    new GT350R Option

    I may have a line on ordering up a new GT 350R and wonder if getting the one option of Tech Package, which adds 130 lbs for A/C Sterio, and nav...from a comfort standpoint I like it.. from building the car right stand, not sure?
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    Current original FGT owners get first rights on new GT!

    I wish...but who knows, its a whole new Ford Motor Company :) and maybe they will value customer loyalty? How much over MSRP do you think the lucky few dealers will tap the customer for? I'd say 2 times MSRP
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    How about a Ford GT loyalty program

    For those read this forum over at Ford ( Ford Performance), how about a loyalty program for all of the orignal current FGT owners to get a first shot at the new GT? and/or the new mustang, raptor ( which I have the Roush 2 as well) , etc... Other performance car mfg's do this and for good...
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    Utah Roads made for GT

    It's like the roads around Utah were designed for my GT :)