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    Any opinions on the new gt3 porsche to soon be released?

    Was looking at some videos and other stuff. Sounds very interesting. Thoughts?
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    need a simple silhouette type drawing of ford gt

    Was looking for a picture of a simple siloutte of the ford gt. I know I have seen a few but cannot find any. Thanks
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    reliable place to order oem replacement guage

    The inevitable issue has struck my GT. Advice as to a source for oem guages (fuel) ? I will replace it and then get the speedhut guages as insurance and run those in the gt instead but want to be sure I have the oem guages for the future. Thanks
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    new nsx

    Any gt owners intrigued enough to have put a deposit on a new NSX? one
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    This gt sounds great!!!! Never seen this video before Is this a stock exhaust??? more from the same track day I suspect
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    Was concidering a i phone 4s

    I was considering an i phone 4s but after a bit of research I am reluctant to pull the trigger. It would appear that the durability is poor from some of the testing. It seems it takes very little to break the glass front (screen) or back. The 3s (god only knows how many times I dropped it and it...
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    further to the debate between blue and red

    Reds hot but blue is as cool as Ice. Sorry having to much fun posting the last 2 days. Don't mind me.
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    my gt has a new girl friend

    shes pridy
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    need some feed back on vipers

    Concidering adding a viper to the stable Options are a 2009 or 2010 or even possibly and ACR. How does the ACR ride is on street set up and how does the srt 10 also ride compared to a Ford Gt?
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    zr1 / boss 302 mustand / 2007 srt viper / new viper 2012

    Something you would use as an "almost" daily driver and take to track once or twice a year. What would you pick and why?
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    penske shocks

    do Penske shocks soften the ride from stock if desired.
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    a thrilling say at the track/re05 bridgestones

    Went out this week to a local road track. and felt like sharing a few thoughts which some may find of value. The GT was fabulous and the Bridgestone re05 performed incredibly. The track is quite harsh and even after about 40 laps / 4 laps at a time(1.3 miles a Lap) the tires held up...
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    hoosier 4 sale

    Bought a set of hoosiers for the front and back last year designed for the Ford GT. Put maybe 700 miles on the tires. No track time but maybe 4-5 autocross days which is very little as far as tread wear goes. Slipped on bridgestones this year because of issues related to "street legal" tires so...
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    1200 hp supercharger for gt

    For those in quest for more hp. A Ford resource person has brought this to my attention. The question is can the gt take it? Turbos do not put a sudden strains on all the components as a supercharger does. So 1000 hp from turbos is...
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    f1 goodyear tires needed

    Anyone have a a used set of f1 goodyears with some tread. I need to pass a safety and Hoosier puts for competition only on the tire which has caused problems for me. Might need to slap on a pair of f1s temporarily to pass the safety.
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    db on race exhaust

    Anyone know how loud the ford race headers with the resonators and exhaust delete is?
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    THe stigs identity is no longer a secret
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    Anyone else getting nervous about part availability?

    All these post are starting to make me nervous. The Z8 parts were to be made available for 50 years by BMW or some crazy number of years. What about the GT? Are we long term owners going to be running into issues? Kind of worrisome.
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    Home work: best be monitored

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