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  1. THamonGT

    Atmosphere Change since 2017 model?

    We’ll five years ago yesterday my Girl rolled out of the Reliable Transport to the delight of Sue and I and my two Grandsons! Bernardo Martinez Backed her off the ramp as we stood there in shock, happiness with tears included of joy and actually not believing it was ours! What a wonderful 5...
  2. THamonGT

    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Outstanding Guy, Congratulations Steve! I’ve made about 10 deliveries, in and around the Houston Area and Steve has been ”Spot On” at every Delivery!
  3. THamonGT

    New Roommate!

    Sue’s already street smart, she got stung by an Early Viper I owned and would never ride in it again!
  4. THamonGT

    New Roommate!

    This Cobra is a Hurricane 427 Roadster Chassis HM1077 Stage I Assembly, 351W Ford Crate with 440 HP, with Tremic TR-3550/TKO Transmission. It has 2,450 miles and in excellent condition after being stored for 4 years. Vehicle was built in 2007. It has a lot of power and sound and will take a lot...
  5. THamonGT

    New Roommate!

    My Girls Got A New Roommate! He’s Goodlookin And He Makes A Lot Of Noise!
  6. THamonGT

    Baby has a name ...

    Congratulations Buddy!
  7. THamonGT

    Looking for 'FORD' logo for rear quarters.

    Very sorry for the delay in the dimensions of the eyebrow on my 2017 Ford GT! height of eyebrow-6 1/2 “ Letter height- 4 1/4 “ Width- 43 “ letters size- 1 “ When I had the eyebrow put on I didn’t like the skinny look of the letters on the Ford GT Race Cars so we made them 1” to go better with...
  8. THamonGT

    Looking for 'FORD' logo for rear quarters.

    Will give you exact dimensions of my eyebrow in the morning. Any sign company can make the cutout for the eyebrow.
  9. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    While I was working the Show Sue got tired of sitting and found a Ferarri Owner from Fort Worth with a 2011 399 GTO and was blown away by his Entry! This was his third year for an entry in Keels & Wheels and we love him and had a blast visiting! Everyone Knows AJ!
  10. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    The GT in most of the pictures is my friend who passed away. The pictures are his beautiful widow with her GT. The car matches the 05 FT in the show white/blue stripe, black interior, and red calipers. It won a Corinthian Award. It is an early 2022 #08 delivered two weeks after his passing...
  11. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Slight sprinkle on Sunday morning Frank but record crowds both days. For my Forum Members, I was able to get a Ford MachE for the show from Little Rock, Arkansas transferred in by Cook, Ford (my old Dealership) to display with 3 Teslas and a Buick Electric. We featured Electric Cars Old-New this...
  12. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    The Ford GT’s were Show stoppers at the Keeels & Wheels Concourse de Elegance in Seabrook, Texas!
  13. THamonGT

    Great sadness of loss

    A Very Sad Day for All Ford GT Owners and Forum Members! Had the opportunity to meet them at Rlly 10 in Detroit! Very talented Drivers as well as the only Husband and Wife Winners at LeMans on the podium ever! Rest In Peace David! Prayers to Andrea and the Robertson Family! 🙏🙏
  14. THamonGT

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Very Well Done! Congratulations! Get it on for the Next One!
  15. THamonGT


    In Houston, Texas, Sterling McCall has one and Tomball Ford has three in stock as of this morning! Get Em!
  16. THamonGT

    Hello Everyone

    Congratulations and welcome to our Special Little Group! Here’s to many hours and miles of fun ownership and driving! Post some pictures please!
  17. THamonGT

    3 Years today!

    Welcome to the Take Very Good Care Of Your Ford GT Club after Warrantee Expires!
  18. THamonGT

    AMGT40-1 Delivery Takes On Snow and Sleet

    Congratulations on your fantastic delivery of the first AMGT40-1! It is beautiful. Here’s to many years and miles of enjoyment and excitement with your New GT! Welcome to our crazy world of unbelievable ownership! Tomy
  19. THamonGT

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    Arya, Congratulations on your delivery of 09 , the color is fantastic! Love it! It reminds me of The 1963 Cobra Color (Princess Blue)! Here’s to many miles and years of exciting ownership! My Friends wife has 08 at Tintworld being wrapped as we speak! Congratulations again! Tomy
  20. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    The Sun Came Out and So did 2017 H045 this morning for the ground breaking of phase two of Ultimate Garage in Friendswood, Texas! She lined up in front of the lime Green Porsches and help her ground! Two Dozen model GT’s given out to the Kids which made giant smiles! Love my Girl!❤️ Check that...