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  1. spartan

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thanks for giving it your all Dave. Look forward to the next one.
  2. spartan

    Availability of Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic or substitute?

    Walmart was better than Amazon and Napa. Just stocked up on 15W-50 Mobil One. Delivery at no charge.
  3. spartan

    2020 Options and pricing

    Carbon option bumped the price up too.
  4. spartan

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    you need to download this app. I have made several visits with no issues.
  5. spartan

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thanks for all your work Dave. Look forward to another incredible event.
  6. spartan

    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee - June 12th

    Nice turnout.
  7. spartan

    2006 FGT bumper delete finally done

    Nice Job and thanks for sharing. I have many new rear bumper extrusions removed from chassis if anyone needs them.
  8. spartan

    The Bronco Thread

    Picked up my Bronco from Kevin at Pat Milliken Ford. Great experience and process as usual! Thanks Kevin. The Bronco team did an amazing job with this truck. Ford does retro/homage cars the best in the industry.
  9. spartan

    Multimatic Tour 2022

    It depends on what manufacturing stage your car is when you visit but it won’t be long. You will hear from concierge soon. This is the best part of the long process. Enjoy the entire experience.
  10. spartan

    Next FORD GT rally?

    Download this app. ArriveCAN Looking forward to another amazing event !
  11. spartan

    WTB: Bumper delete frame extensions or stock.
  12. spartan

    GT Spec Oil Filter vs FL500

    Opie has the Castrol Edge oil and is offering a 15% code if you sign up for their emails. I purchased enough for 2 oil changes with shipping at approx. $16 a L.
  13. spartan

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Great video! Thanks to everyone for making these amazing events. Look forward to the next one.
  14. spartan

    Hello Everyone

    Congratulations and welcome.
  15. spartan

    MSN FGT40 - FGT - NFGT History

    Excellent overview.
  16. spartan

    New 2021 Mercedes GT Black Series

    DBK has a black one. Amazing car we saw it at rally 13.
  17. spartan

    Why will Ford stop making the NGT?

    Great info. Thanks Dave.
  18. spartan

    2022 AMGT40-1 Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

    Wow, that's so cool. Congratulations.