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  1. ChipBeck

    Magnus Walker's "The Big Thing" Ford GT..Season Finale

    Gentlemen, A couple months ago I got a call from Magnus Walker (who I had never met before) and he told me the season finale of his series "The Big Thing" was going to feature all 3 generations of the Ford GT. The Peterson Museum gave him their 1966 MkIII GT40 for the day and he needed an...
  2. ChipBeck

    Concours in the Hills - Feb. 12, 2022

    Gentlemen, Many of our ranks have attended and displayed their GT's at this unbelievable auto show and will tell you it's off the charts. The same beautiful location as our Rally 13 Concours at Fountain Park here in AZ with over 1000 cars displayed with each make in their own area. Ford GT's...
  3. ChipBeck

    Chip's Parties Will Never Be Quite The Same

    Gentlemen, For over 30 years Chris Palmarie has been a good friend and a constant both in my life and behind the bar at every GT party I've ever hosted. He bartended at Riazzi's in Tempe, Arizona for over 30 years and when they closed he worked at Vicino's near my home in Scottsdale. I...
  4. ChipBeck

    16th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Gentlemen, Last year (well actually 2 years ago as Barrett-Jackson was cancelled last year) was one of the biggest and best Barrett-Jackson dinner events yet with a fantastic turnout. We had a beautiful private room at The Capitol Grille and everyone had a great time so we're doing it a 16th...
  5. ChipBeck

    Detailing and car wash service at Rally 13

    Gentlemen, I've arranged to have a detailer available in our covered parking area at Rally 13. If you want to use that service contact Vance at (248) 277-8689. Cheers. Chip
  6. ChipBeck

    Rally 13 Schedule of Events

    Gentlemen, I am so excited about Ford GT National Rally XIII that it's hard for me to sleep at night. Dave and I have worked our asses off for the last six months and it's going to be spectacular. I promise everyone who attends a fantastic time driving through some of the most beautiful...
  7. ChipBeck

    Luftgekuhlt 7

    Gentlemen, Ran into several GT Forum members at Luft 7 in Indianapolis this morning. Who else is here? Chip
  8. ChipBeck

    Rally to the Rally Party at Beck's Landing - October 30

    Gentlemen, The first Rally to the Rally Party at my home prior to Rally II in Los Angeles was 15 years ago. It was a big success with over 50 GT's showing up and everybody had a great time. After we did it again the next year prior to the Las Vegas Rally our "Moderator Emeritus" Daniel...
  9. ChipBeck

    2021 Chip's Ford GT Cathy Rankin Calendar

    Gentlemen, I posted up a while back about a photo shoot Dillon Precision did with my 2017 GT and Arizona's coolest chick, Cathy Rankin. Cathy did a photo shoot with Dillon 15 years ago with a 2005 red Ford GT that was a huge hit. She was 35 years old back then and they wanted to duplicate...
  10. ChipBeck

    Unexpected Avatar

    Gentlemen, This morning the GT truck and trailer driver for Sanderson Ford picked up my GT for it's final warranty adjustment. His name is Austin Day and while loading up my car he asked if I'd like to see a drawing he did on his IPad of my two GT's? Well of course! I think what he did is...
  11. ChipBeck

    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    Gentlemen, I'm an eternal optimist and I've worked my ass off trying to put everything together here for Dave to review and modify or sign off on. It would be an understatement to say that trying to plan something during all the insanity going on in the country today has been maddening. Every...
  12. ChipBeck

    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    Gentlemen, I know there are a few of us that still enjoy dirt bikes. I've been doing it since I was a young boy and still enjoy it. (In my next life I want to be Ed Sims who is a 5 Star off road ace rider!) Every ride is different and you never know what you might run into out there. 3 weeks...
  13. ChipBeck

    Super Cool 1966 Ford GT/Ken Miles Memorabilia

    Gentlemen, My teammate, partner, and GM at Team CB Petroleum Properties, Shawn Dugan, manages to come up with a cool birthday gift for me every year. This year I really got a kick out of it. Ken Miles has been dead for 54 years now and it's not easy to find his autograph. An older autograph...
  14. ChipBeck

    Concours in the Hills - 2020

    Gentlenen, This is the 7th time that GT owner Peter Volny has staged this event on the beautiful grass fields surrounding the lake and massive Fountain northeast of Scottsdale to raise money for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It was the largest yet with 1100 cars on display, a massive crowd...
  15. ChipBeck

    Attention AZ GT Owners - Concours in the Hills - Feb 8, 2020

    Gentlemen, Every year Arizona car scene heavyweight, great guy, and GT owner Peter Volny puts on the biggest car show in Arizona to benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Last year 941 cars were on display spread out on the beautiful grass areas surrounding the lake that contains the world's...
  16. ChipBeck

    15th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner - Thursday Jan. 16

    Gentlemen, It's been a lot of fun over the last 14 years so let's do it again!! Ford GT owners along with their wives/girlfriends (or both) flying in for Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale next month are invited to join us for this 15th Annual gathering of the faithful at 7:00pm on Thursday January 16...
  17. ChipBeck

    Info Needed from EVERYONE attending the AZ Ford vs Ferrari Event.

    Gentlemen, I need the following info from everybody attending. PROVIDING THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Admittance to the movie premier will be by checking names on a list provided to 20th Century Fox, tickets will not be provided and if your name is not on their list you will not be admitted to the...
  18. ChipBeck

    Ford Racing Borla Muffler Problems - Need Advice

    Gentlemen, My 2006 GT is currently at The GT Guy Shop in MI and Rich told me my Borla muffler is rattling because something inside it has broken. I put that muffler on because my hearing sucks and I cant hear conversation with my old unmuffled cat-back. Does anybody here know where I can find...
  19. ChipBeck

    Photos Start on page 4 - AZ Ford vs Ferrari Party/Rally Drive/Premire

    Note: This event has reached the cap of 35 GT's. If a space opens up I'll post availability here. Gentlemen, Peter Volny has finally received confirmation that 20th Century Fox will be hosting a Western U.S. Premiere showing of the Ford vs. Ferrari movie for invited Ford GT and Ferrari...
  20. ChipBeck

    Need help disabling the "door ajar" alarm in '06 GT.

    Gentlemen, One of the door ajar sensors is faulty in my 2006 GT and about every 15 seconds the door ajar red light flashes on the dash and a super annoying alarm sounds off for about 3 seconds. My car is going back to Rich in MI for some other work soon and he'll fix the problem but I'd like...