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  1. ChipBeck

    New set of BBS wheels needed

    Are you asking about the Lightweight BBS wheels or the standard 6 spoke BBS wheels? Chip
  2. ChipBeck

    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    I'll make that easy. I just PM'd you his cell #. Send him a text. You never know! Chip
  3. ChipBeck

    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    Gentlemen, Original owner of my 2006 and 2017 GT's. Almost 8000 miles on my 2017 and I've had a blast with it. Multimatic has committed to 20 years of parts support so I don't see that as a problem. Till death do us part. Charley says he plans to keep both of them after I'm gone. Chip
  4. ChipBeck

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Gentlemen, Seeing a competition picture like the one above with #67 splattered with bugs genuinely makes me sad knowing I won't see them race again. That was a magic 4 years. Chip
  5. ChipBeck

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Chip, Peggy, and Charley are in with both GT's. Going to be great and hey, I don't have to plan and throw a big bash at my house. This will be a breeze! Thanks David. Chip
  6. ChipBeck

    Ford GT 2005-2006 Instrument Cluster 2005-2006 Ford GT 4G7Z10849AA

    Well that certainly clears everything up!
  7. ChipBeck

    Multimatic Tour 2022

    Gentlemen, I had several near misses with my new GT when I took that tour back in 2017. I was in Detroit before going up to Multimatic where I thought I'd see my new GT for the first time. When I got to Multimatic they told me my GT had been shipped the day before and the first place the...
  8. ChipBeck

    Great sadness of loss

    Damn, and only 66 years old. Godspeed David. Chip
  9. ChipBeck

    Getting allocation for new FGT

    The end of NFGT production is just a few months away and the last allocations were assigned to buyers years ago. There were a lot more than 1300 loyal Ford guys that deserved an allocation and despite Ford's best efforts to send new GT's to owners who would drive and display them many couldn't...
  10. ChipBeck

    Magnus Walker's "The Big Thing" Ford GT..Season Finale

    Gentlemen, A couple months ago I got a call from Magnus Walker (who I had never met before) and he told me the season finale of his series "The Big Thing" was going to feature all 3 generations of the Ford GT. The Peterson Museum gave him their 1966 MkIII GT40 for the day and he needed an...
  11. ChipBeck

    Matech For Sale

    Fixed it. And that car is newsworthy so I'm going to leave this up. Chip
  12. ChipBeck

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Gentlemen, Just wonderful. And to the "maybe next year" crowd, you missed something special. These Rallies are peak life experiences and they don't happen that often. Good times that will stay with me until I'm gone. Thanks David. Looking forward to the next one. Chip
  13. ChipBeck

    New 2021 Mercedes GT Black Series

    DBK really likes his. And it hauled ass on the track at Rally 13. Terry Cord is a first rate track driver and he went for a few laps with Dave. Said it was super impressive. Chip
  14. ChipBeck

    16th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Dinner Details - Final Notes Gentlemen, Tomorrow nights dinner will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday night Jan. 27...... The Capital Grille 16489 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (480) 348-1700 That's the South East corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road. If you have any...
  15. ChipBeck

    16th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    "The Urban Outlaw" Magnus Walker will join us. Gentlemen, I spent yesterday at Willow Springs with Magnus Walker filming the final episode of his series "The Big Thing" featuring all 3 generations of the Ford GT. The Peterson Museum loaned their 1967 GT Mk III, Randy Wong brought his 2006 GT...
  16. ChipBeck

    16th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    33 as of today, room for 40 AZGT (Larry) and JBG (John G.) contacted me and will be joining us. Not everybody checks in here often enough so if you know a GT owner going to B-J Scottsdale please tell them to contact me and join us. More fun than a VW Microbus full of bikini clad high-school...
  17. ChipBeck

    Where do you drive your GT besides the track?

    Rgroden, Peggy and I take it to restaurants where the valet staff let me self park in front and I pay them to watch over it while I'm having dinner. Lots of car shows, I usually drive the 2006 and she drives the 2017. And road rally events from Road Atlanta to Southern California. With any...
  18. ChipBeck

    16th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    30 and Growing + Some Surprises Gentlemen, Southern California automotive media heavyweight Magnus Walker (The Urban Outlaw) will be filming a special Ford GT episode of his series "The Big Thing" the weekend before our dinner. He'll be driving all 3 generations of the Ford GT at Laguna Seca...
  19. ChipBeck

    Bring a Trailer wallops the big auction houses!

    Gentlemen, I've sold two vehicles with BAT (CJ-5 and Shelby Mustang) and bought one. It's time consuming getting your car's auction up and live and until you've sold a car or two with them they will vet you as well as your car. But it's super easy and fee cheap for buyers to use and their...
  20. ChipBeck

    Concours in the Hills - Feb. 12, 2022

    Gentlemen, Many of our ranks have attended and displayed their GT's at this unbelievable auto show and will tell you it's off the charts. The same beautiful location as our Rally 13 Concours at Fountain Park here in AZ with over 1000 cars displayed with each make in their own area. Ford GT's...