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  1. BlackICE

    What can you do with a 69 Mach 1 and some 2nd gen Ford GT parts

    I love the looks of that Mach 1 and now it has more power and a better weight balance. Y1WjLis7Yyw
  2. BlackICE

    Ford discontinuing many models in the future Ford today announced it will phase out most cars it sells in North America. According to its latest financial release, the auto giant will "will transition to two vehicles" being the Mustang and an unannounced vehicle...
  3. BlackICE

    Is this true a 50% deposit is required? Are you one of the lucky folks approved by Ford to purchase an all-new GT? Better bring a big briefcase to your local dealership-Ford demands a 50-percent down payment when you finalize your order.
  4. BlackICE

    Fast all electric Vette, only 750K.

    Some of you may know the driver. :lol
  5. BlackICE

    Battery Tender Jr. POS!

    I bought 4 of these about 8 to 9 years ago, with 2 of them always use, with 2 spares. The last of the 4 just bit the dust. All died by not keeping the batteries fully charged. The LED lights would stay on RED, or cycle show Green, but the battery voltage is still too low. Unless you are checking...
  6. BlackICE

    Are you pissed that cops can speed with impunity?

    You can do something about it, although it may be hazardous to your health.
  7. BlackICE

    What letter from Ford did you get?

    Please take the poll so we can understand the number for members that are fortunate enough to be the winners of the great new Ford GT.
  8. BlackICE

    Sometimes the dirtbags get what they deserve.

    The FL DA seems to have the right view on this. In CA I don't know if the homeowners would be charged with assault and use of excessive force and get a civil suit for personal injuries.
  9. BlackICE

    Fchat has their views on BOP
  10. BlackICE

    New LeMans bop adjustments Ford was also affected with the changes, but in a more positive manner. After having 2o kilograms of ballast shaved off its four Ford GT challengers before the test day, the sanctioning body has taken off an additional five kilograms, or now 25 kgs in total in...
  11. BlackICE

    Anyone want to buy a drag strip that can be upgraded to a road racing track?

    Many of us have driven on this drag strip!
  12. BlackICE

    ESE CF wheels

    Anyone know anything about these CF wheels? About 2K each light, but are they any good? Custom sizes available, seems to fit the old FGTs.
  13. BlackICE

    Kayvan are you looking for a new pad?
  14. BlackICE

    Can't buy the new FGT, how about this, something that will even be rarer than a FGT

    The ultimate off road vehicle!
  15. BlackICE

    Next time you want to do a bar room trick try this.

  16. BlackICE

    Chick Chart, I want to know Kayvan's opinion of it.

    Is it accurate in both NY and CA? hKWmFWRVLlU
  17. BlackICE

    Battery Tender Jr failures

    I had 4 of these and over about 7 to 8 years 2 of them died so far. One would never turn to green, swap to another and it worked fine. Another would flash green and red (supposed to mean bad battery or bad connection) swapped to another unit works fine. I hope the Ford OEM units are more...
  18. BlackICE


    What do you carry in your...
  19. BlackICE

    Self defense handgun ammunition, ball/FMJ or other?

    Deleted ignore this. Moderator should delete.
  20. BlackICE

    The most expensive new Honda coming soon, makes a Bugatti look cheap!