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  1. THamonGT

    New Roommate!

    My Girls Got A New Roommate! He’s Goodlookin And He Makes A Lot Of Noise!
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    Many will remember that this Shelby American Event was Canceled Last Year Due To Covid 19. With Exclusive Ford GT Owners Activities Included This Event will Be First Class in Every Way! Check It Out!
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    NEW 2021 Ford GT Delivery In TEXAS!

    M044 2021 Ford Liquid Carbon Fiber GT was delivered in Kemah, Texas To my Friend Jon & Jackie Hodges to their New Museum last week. A welcoming party was celebrated last night and a fun time was had by all! This fabulous Museum was designed by Jackie Hodges and has a Woman’s touch unlike any...
  4. THamonGT

    2017 Ford GT For Sale

    This Is A New Year, Let’s Head My Girl In A New Direction, Anyone Interested? She’s Is A Very Special Highly Visible 2017 Ford GT! One of One Built in American Racing Livery out of a total of 138 Ford GT’s for 2017. 4,100 Miles In Perfect Condition And Never Been Tracked. Market Priced To Sell...
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    Surprise Visitor In My Backyard!

    Yesterday my Buddy Ben Keating and four of his race cars which hadn’t been run since their last races as far back as 2015 came to MSR Race Track which is only 32 miles from my building location. You Viper guys as well as Mercedes, and our favorite Ford GT fans would have enjoy the day. They all...
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    Secondary Market For The 2017-2018 Ford GT

    Since The 2017 and some 2020 Ford GT’s have passed their 24 months ownership time requirements, what is the market for these to second ownership purchasers? The no mileage cars that were stored and are now showing up at various auction houses for sale. This question should give Members something...
  7. THamonGT

    4 Years ago Yesterday!

    The application process had just ended the day before and 6,506 applications were sent in to see who would be chosen to purchase one of the first 500 New Ford GT’s within the next 2 years. I was in the mix hoping and praying that I would get picked! This was the first Livery that caught my eye...
  8. THamonGT

    Price increase!

    Wow, Just got my Girl out of the Spa for adjustments on front end rattle and squeaks as well as second Oil & Filter Change and found out Sue doesn’t spend this much for the Spa Treatment! Check the prices of Oil, filter and even slight increase on labor rate.
  9. THamonGT

    Surprise publication arrival!

    How many times do you get your monthly Automobile Prescription in the mail, open it up and too your surprise there are two stories in it about friends of yours and their totally different subject matter! One on Aaron Shelby and his brothers and their famous Grandfather and the other on Rob and...
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    Early Christmas Present

    Early Christmas and Birthday present from a Great Friend From Texas who is taking delivery of his New Ford GT the second week of January! His carbon addition is going to be different and is one of the first 2020 Card built #07 and its going to jump out at ya! Backpack, and Hat (with my #H045)...
  11. THamonGT

    Who Said You Can’t find a good Dealership To purchase a New Vehicle from? I can’t trust dealerships?

    Well John And Michele Lyons found the right Dealership and guess what? It was at Cook Ford formerly Gene Hamon Ford in Texas City, Texas. They negotiated the exact Ford F-150 pickup they were looking for color, engine and all at an unbelievable price and purchased it online. They flew in to...
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    Here’s To a Friday Flashback!

    Two Years Ago today Tint World #36 located in Webster, Texas completed their first complete XPel wrap of my 2017 Ford GT # H045 and today they completed their 14th wrap on K145, 2019 Ford GT almost a twin but not quite. What a fun last two years for John Anhalt and I enjoying the New Ford GT’s...
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    Drivers Talk Radio Podcast

    A great podcast radio interview is up which was done this week. Rick Titus interviews Ben Keating about his misfortune at Le Mans and his thoughts in racing the Ford GT. Great interview! I have posted it on my personal FB page which many of you are on! Ben Keating will be doing many interviews...
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    Fox Business: Ford To lay-off 12,000 Workers In Europe!

    Well, We’ll, Ford Introducing New Vehicle Lineup in Europe. Ford is in the midst of a $11 Billion global restructuring effort. The firm is shuttering several factories in Europe, including the closure of the Bridgend Engine Plant in South Wales and a transmission plant in FRANCE! It’s total...
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    Wynn’s 2019 Le Mans Livery.

    I’ll always have room on my wall for this Ford GT Livery Owned by Our Friend Ben Keating And Keating Racing!
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    Watkins Glenn

    Anyone going to the races this weekend at Watkins Glenn to see the Ford GT’s as well as Ben Keating Racing’s Mercedes Race. Is it a good track to watch a Ford GT run for a spectators?
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    Stay Tuned!

    Rumors are floating around of a big announcement coming? Stay Tuned. The Legend Continues! It’s Meant To Be!
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    My friend from Houston MSR track just sent me these pictures from Sebring as he is working Inspection as a Tech. For FIA WEC. Patrick Jones will Be in the pits with Aston Martin and turned down an invitation to be in the Ford Pits for the race. He should be flogged! I’ll forgive him as this is...
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    Happy Birthday Stormcat

    Happy Birthday Stormcat with many many more in your future. Here’s hoping you enjoy your Very Special day with your friends and family! Burn rubber and drive fast today and be somebody!
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    United Kingdom Delivery

    The owner of this 1966 Ford GT 40 # 1055 from the U.K. takes delivery of his New Ford GT tomorrow and completes the full circle. For those who remember this is the Ford GT 40 Carroll sent to my Father for a month and we kept it 3 months then it was sold to Edsel Ford. Here’s a few pictures of it...