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  1. SteveA

    19 & 20" Wheels and Tires

    Custom wheels and Michellene tires (older) 19" fronts and 20" rears with Pilot Sports. Sold
  2. SteveA

    Blower touch up paint

    Read years ago about some touch up paint for the blower that matched very close. Anyone recall the product?
  3. SteveA

    GT Wheels and tires for sale

  4. SteveA

    '05/06 front BBS wheel

    This wheel got scuffed while face down on a floor (no curb rash at all). All blemishes on the inside lug areas are from the lighting and not in the finish. Other than the surface scuffs the wheel is perfect for someone that isn't a picky or is looking to paint a set. $500.00 + shipping
  5. SteveA

    Harley Cluxton takes delivery

    Harley took delivery of his '19 Heritage a few days back (he's good with these pics being shared). He also showed some interest in the Gulf Heritage colors debate. Having owned at one time or another every significant Gulf Ford GT, Porsche 917 and his own Mirages he definitely has an opinion on...
  6. SteveA

    For me, it couldn't possibly get any sweeter!

    (IMPO) The very best modern era car, painted in the very best Heritage Edition paint scheme and signed by the two men that made it so back in 1967! A very special thanks to DBK for securing me a coil cover for Dan to sign well over a year ago, to Dan for putting up with me one additional time...
  7. SteveA

    For all those wondering "will I fit"?

    First drive and first fuel up with my buddy Jeff insisting on going. I'm '6 3" 235lbs and Jeff is 6' 4" 255 or 490lbs of combined beef (and yes some fat). I was skeptical for sure but It really wasn't a problem, we were able to comfortably enjoy the drive, shoulders barely cleared each other...
  8. SteveA

    A Powerful and Stirring Weekend for Sure

    I've been in Lake Havasu for a few weeks and a few good reasons to head over to So Cal came up, one being a chance to stop by Dan's AAR and express my condolences in person. As luck would have it on my way over Thursday a good GT buddy called and was going to be in So Cal as well so we met up...
  9. SteveA

    New Trailer

    Hey Guys! Decided a few months ago that I need a new trailer, did some homework on what I liked and disliked about haulers I'd seen over the years and this is what I came up with. It's made by Mission Trailers out of Missoula Mt but is only sold through distributors. This one was delivered out...
  10. SteveA

    Happy 85 Birthday to Dan Gurney

    Probably the best Owner/Constructor/Driver of all time. Not to overlook, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.!2016MarshallPruett_Gurney85th_022
  11. SteveA

    Dan Gurney and Mark Donohue

    A nice article featuring my favorite driver and one of his toughest competitors as well as teammate.
  12. SteveA

    Time is getting very close my GT friends!

    Day 1 at The Roar!
  13. SteveA

    Original Registered and still current owners

    Discussions in another thread got me thinking, how many people are the original registered owner of the that same car. My guess is less than a 1000. Are you the Original Registered and current owner of a 05/06 Ford GT? 1. Is that number less that 500? 2. Between 500 and 1000 3. Between...
  14. SteveA

    GT Service At Rally X!

    Thanks Rich and Denis for once again over the top professional service. Car got fluids changed, new A/C compressor and a new oil pressure gauge.
  15. SteveA

    You guys using the Optima Red Top

    Is it the 8004 - 003 34/78? Thanks!
  16. SteveA

    One more
  17. SteveA

    Here's one for my northern GT brothers

    Wife texts husband on a cold winter’s morning: "Windows frozen, won't open." Husband texts back: "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it and gently tap edges with hammer.” Wife texts back 5 minutes later: "Computer really ****ed up now.”
  18. SteveA

    Which is "stronger"

    A 850 H.P. John Deere diesel vs. a steam tractor rated 18 H.P? It's all about torque and traction... enjoy
  19. SteveA

    My kind of pilot
  20. SteveA

    The Rumors keep rolling in!

    If this is just all rumor there'll be plenty of egg on face to go around, however my gut tells me it's happening. At this point my only question is, MK IV red or MK II black? :lol