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    Hagerty GT video

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    I received M184 on Friday October 15th.....I have been speechless since then. Still now I can't believe she's resting next to the seemed a long distant dream to one day have the opportunity to have a NFT. A BIG thank you to Mr. Sims, DBK, Kevin, Steve, Pat Milliken Ford, Ford Concierge...
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    2005/6 GT review

    Ultimate American Muscle - FORD GT ripping throug…: video, it's nice to see how the car is well appreciated down under after so many years. His arms are so big I thought he was going to snap the gear shift lever with every gear change lol
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    Again from our friends at Motor 1 here is a great article and video of one of the most unlikely people to apply for a GT lol ....i think Mr. David Lee finally has a crown jewel in his collection hehe Nice spec!
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    2021 Heritage #98

    In case you missed is an article and video of the upcoming 2021 Heritage Edition's configurator! Very very cool. Apparently only 40 will be made. So proud of the design team at Ford and I'm ecstatic for the 40 lucky people...
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    The one and only...

    I think we are all quite familiar of the GT that is shown at the 16th minute mark of this introductions needed..... In my opinion he's the best Ford GT spokesman out there. I just wish there was a live interview as well lol
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    Wynn/Keatings #85 LeMans GT model

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    not again!? ugh

    this is really frustrating
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    WIDE body kit

    I remember seeing this long time ago and forgot to post it so here it is.... I don't think the idea ever materialized into production numbers but hey kudos to them for letting their imagination go wild. I'm assuming they started with the cheapest GT they could find..maybe a wrecked one... or...
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    ....shower curtains....

    so I'm not quite sure how I stumbled on this but here you you can shower with your Ford GT lol
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    NFGT review video

    Quite possibly the worst NFGT review video ...she's really bad :/
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    2017+ GT art and die cast models

    So I was browsing and found the following: pretty cool stuff!😎
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    2019 Long Beach GP

    Anyone going to the Long Beach GP April 12-14? I'll be there the entire time drooling over #66, #67😂🤤
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    Doug DeMuro

    I'm not sure of it has been posted already but Youtuber Doug DeMuro is now a new Ford GT owner! I really enjoy his car reviews and his viewpoints :) Hopefully he'll soon join the forum :)
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    Laguna Seca 7-9 sept

    anyone planning on going to Laguna Seca this year? Unfortunately I didn't see a Ford GT coral being offered so hopefully they'll let us park somewhere front of the Corvette coral?! lol ;)
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    Monza Testing

    I just ran into this video.. I believe it was actually shot after the Long Beach GP because I remember talking to the mechanics that they were leaving for Monza at the end of the race. The actual purpose was to do some high speed testing on the tires....which actually didn't work all that well a...
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    Long Beach GP

    Nice warm sunny day here in Long Beach for Friday practice and qualifying. The GT and Porsches look the strongest. #66 almost hit the wall on cold tires in turn was a close one.
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    2018 Ford Focus RS500

    As you may have already found out, there's speculation of an upcoming hardcore RS with a power output around 400hp and limited to a production of 500 isn't this interesting....with this model will Ford fix the little bugs that is affecting the current RS? Will there be an...
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    Forza 6 LeMans

    I'm not sure if this has been posted already...I just ran into this and it caught my eye since it features our much loved 2016 racing Ford GT :rofl
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    dead car

    Before I start this post I'd like to thank all of the brave souls who helped me through a difficult time when you are stuck with a dead car and a baby in the middle of the Laguna Seca parking lot ....and again in the middle of nowhere on hwy 156. So thank you for your Esprit de Corps Ed Sims...