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  1. Johntpr

    Interesting Discussion on Ford GT values from PC Market

    It begins at 10:50 point into the video
  2. Johntpr

    WTB - 2005 2006 GT Center Belly pan large "Diaper" / Part 4G7Z-63102B00-AA

    4G7Z*63102B00*AA Insulator - Engine Compartment Been on back order for weeks with no ETA from my dealer. 126 dollars or so according to my receipt, but can't seem to find anywhere. Maybe someone has an extra they will part with ??? This is the large diaper that goes under the center belly pan.
  3. Johntpr

    NY Times article on Classic Car Values

    Mention of Ford GT's at the end.
  4. Johntpr

    McIntosh Amp Fan Noise ....replacement available ?

    My McIntosh Amp fan behind the subwoofer is quite loud. Annoyingly so. I sent a video clip to Rich Brooks and he agrees it is too loud. Has anyone else experienced this and sourced a replacement fan for the amp? I am hoping to be able to replace just the fan and not the whole amp. . Thanks...
  5. Johntpr

    New GT painting

    Got an e-mail on this, thought I'd share.
  6. Johntpr

    New GT40 MK 1 Road Car model

    Saw this in Sports Car Market in case anyone is interested in model collecting If you search "Ford GT" or "Ford GT40" on many other GT models are shown
  7. Johntpr

    NJ Cars and Caffe event today at Garden State Plaza

    Awesome turnout today. Enjoyed speaking with several forum members !
  8. Johntpr

    GT Ford Racing Long Tube Headers and Muffler - used for 450 miles

    GT Ford Racing Exhaust and Ford Racing Long Tube Headers For sale - used for 450 miles Professionally polished headers. Muffler very clean. Ford Racing Long tube Headers (same as Borla Part # 17253 which retails for $3,960) Headers comes...
  9. Johntpr

    NOS - muffler seems like Good deal on ebay Not mine. Just in case anyone looking
  10. Johntpr

    Ebay 2005 GT - check out garage Wow..looks like owner has 3 GT's.
  11. Johntpr

    Wrecked Heritage on E bay Ouch ! Poor car!
  12. Johntpr

    GT Ford Racing Exhaust and Ford Racing Headers For sale - used for 450 miles

    For Sale - Ford Racing Long tube Headers (same as Borla Part # 17253 which retails for $3,960) Headers comes with new mounting bolts to bolt to heads, all needed springs and some extra springs, and two new Muffler to header...
  13. Johntpr

    GT art print Got an e...
  14. Johntpr

    Fuel door rubber bumpers

    Lost one of my fuel door rubber bumpers. The complete cap assembly, part # 5G7Z-63405A26-AA comes with new bumpers, but all I need is a rubber bumper. Anyone ever find a Ford part # or generic substitution for them?
  15. Johntpr

    Sports Car Market Magazine June 2017 - GT value and sell recommendation

    I think this author is way off base in his assessment.
  16. Johntpr

    Left / Driver's side Tail light Issue - comes on dimly by itself

    2006 GT Left / Driver's tail light will dimly come on by itself when car is off. You can use remote, lock car, and all lights will go off. Slowly,the left rear tail light will glow and come on dimly and stay on dimly. No other lights will be on. Not on battery tender when this is happening...