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  1. JWZ

    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Preciate ya Steve!
  2. JWZ

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thanks Dave! Let’s do this! Wheels up!!
  3. JWZ

    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    steved57 sorry this is happening to you. Please let us know what you figure out. Oh, and cocktails were a very good plan!
  4. JWZ

    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    Til death do us part!
  5. JWZ

    N082 Delivery Day!

    She Sure is shiny! Enjoy!
  6. JWZ

    Multimatic Tour 2022

    We went in April of ‘18. Booked Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Toronto. Lots to see & do! Had an awesome Italian meal at a mom n Pop place nearby Hotel. Markham is primarily an industrial area. Enjoyed downtown! Went to Canadian Niagara Falls- impressive! Took in a lil history from British side...
  7. JWZ

    First GT

    Congratulations! Welcome to the best GT Forum out there! Enjoy her!
  8. JWZ

    Great sadness of loss

    Sad day indeed! Many of us had the pleasure to meet David Robertson at his place during the ’18 & ’19 Petit Le Mans @ Road Atlanta as he graciously opened his place up to the GT group. Was impressed not only at his friendliness & ingenuity but at his obvious love for his family! He will be...
  9. JWZ

    Next FORD GT rally?

    Tik Tok.......ready, set,.......gooooo Dave!!!
  10. JWZ

    Magnus Walker's "The Big Thing" Ford GT..Season Finale

    Fantastic! Awesome subjects!
  11. JWZ

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Watched it with a big grin! Soooo much fun! Thanks for putting this together!
  12. JWZ

    Deliveryday 21' Heritage

    Beautiful! Enjoy her!
  13. JWZ

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    The best looking Ford GT is The One(s) sitting in your garage! Lol!
  14. JWZ

    AMGT40-1 Delivery Takes On Snow and Sleet

    Very nice! Congratulations! Keep her warm til Spring! Enjoy!
  15. JWZ

    Lien Release

    Patiently counted down as those 730 days came to an end. Then added another 30 for good measure & reached out to Concierge. Received my clear NM title shortly afterwards. With a surprise: a 2nd NM Title, for a ‘19! Promptly dialed up Concierge & thanked them for NGT #2! Haha! Then I hung up and...
  16. JWZ

    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    She’s a beauty for sure! Enjoy!
  17. JWZ

    Some pics of my black beauty

    She’s purdy for sure! And so is her Silver Sis! Are y’all down South now?
  18. JWZ

    It's Finally Here

    Congratulations! Enjoy the ride!
  19. JWZ

    22 Heritage Arrival

    Very nice! Enjoy!
  20. JWZ

    My new GT is almost Base; that ain't a bad thing!

    Awesome! Congratulations! Enjoy her when snow is gone!