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  1. SYCO GT

    Fun with Fords in Oahu

    Rented a convertible mustang in Hawaii and actually was able to tote my family of four around. My wife (5'4") squeezed into the back seat behind me. Drove all around the island with the convertible down and had a blast. Was a nice surprise to see this gorgeous red beauty in the Velocity...
  2. SYCO GT

    A new 2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition - Holman Moody

    Just saw this on the Ford Performance page teasing another special edition Ford GT in this final year of production. Whoa. Tribute to Holman & Moody. Ford is nailing it with these designs, I really like the design integration and update. What a beauty!
  3. SYCO GT

    Porsche Mission R Concept in the flesh...LA Auto Show.

    Looks nice. Don't know too much about it, but here are some photos.
  4. SYCO GT

    Just saw this beauty at the LA Auto Show. The sign apparently needs to be updated, but when was this car actually built?

    VIN looks like an "H" designation but livery looks like the new 2022 Heritage.
  5. SYCO GT

    Last Heritage Edition Announced - 1964 Prototype Tribute. 2022 Model Year. Photo and Article from Ford Media
  6. SYCO GT

    Happy FORD of July my forum friends!

    How lucky are we to celebrate Independence Day. And also, to celebrate the finest American super cars! Finally had a chance to more formally celebrate the arrival of my 2021 Heritage, and what better way to do it, than with a FORD of July gathering, and playing the Ford vs. Ferrari movie...
  7. SYCO GT

    Shelby American Movie

    Finally got around to watching the Shelby American movie (2019) that is currently being played through Netflix. I enjoyed it, and learning about the history through some of our racing legends.
  8. SYCO GT

    Chevy gets into creating tribute models
  9. SYCO GT

    Throwback to the SALEEN School of Speed Autocross Event during the GT Rally

    Fun times for sure. Super hot day back in August 2007. Maybe 20% of the Rally Attendees participated in a transponder timed auto-X event at El Toro. Both engine temps and asphalt temps alike were at high points. Bone stock in "Syco GT" and did 7 exciting laps on the tightly coned course...
  10. SYCO GT

    One way to be prepared for four days straight of no power.
  11. SYCO GT

    Thank you Ford GT Forum! Welcoming M007 2021 Daytona Heritage on a sunny day in Southern California.

    It's been a long journey. First off, I must say it's more than a bit overwhelming. 15 years ago, after much search and deliberation, I became the original owner of a 2006 Black stripe delete Ford GT. What a great road that has been. I had never even sat in one, but knew instantly from seeing...
  12. SYCO GT

    How to park like a boss in your NFGT...

    Throwback to a crew member at Circuit of the Americas in 2017, from the Forum Rally. But actually, curious to hear from owners, how is backing up, parking, and general side / rear / front visibility in the NFGT? Insight appreciated.
  13. SYCO GT

    Remembering the Legend, Racer Dan Gurney

    It's been three years to this date since we learned the news that Dan Gurney had passed at age 86, from complications of pneumonia. What a talent and gentleman. Many of us were fortunate to have crossed paths with him on several occasions, as he was such a pure life-long enthusiast...
  14. SYCO GT

    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Obviously, the best car cover is NONE. Driving the car around and enjoying it. Of course, can't drive any car 100% of the time, and protecting it is a genuine concern. So, would love to see or read about people's favorite NFGT car covers for indoor storage and protection. I've owned a wide...
  15. SYCO GT

    This Time Tomorrow - Ford Films

    Just came across this old documentary. Found it interspersed with randomness at times, but some interesting historical tidbits for sure.
  16. SYCO GT

    Stripe Delete

    I know the stripeless cars are relatively less common, but seems 15 years later, the rumors and myths that are being spread around are getting more and more mythical with each passing year. Saw this on the internet. Never believe a statement that includes the phrase, "said to be one of..."...
  17. SYCO GT

    Petersen Museum - Virtual Tour

    Supercars, Off-Road and Porsche The 50-minute tour is split up into three tours: Supercars: A Century of Spectacle and Speed Extreme Conditions, supported by Land Rover Redefining Performance, supported by Porsche And around 21 minutes into the first section of the video, a Ford GT40 MkIII...
  18. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    A sampling of my humble little collection of a variety of interesting Ford GT's made the Ford Performance website a few weeks ago, I just stumbled across it today. Click on the website link below:
  19. SYCO GT

    When would you send a set of tires back from the dealer?

    I asked my supplier if he could determine how old the tires were before he orders them. He said that he just orders by SKU and there is no information on age in the databases that he sees. He said we just have to see what comes when we order (I don't know if that implies a return, or under...
  20. SYCO GT

    Does this make my rear end look wide?

    Feel free to share some of your fun or unique or favorite Ford GT collectibles, tributes, or memorabilia. BTW, does this mask make my ass look fat? If so, that's a good thing!