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  1. Matt

    Daytona 24 hr Race 2017

    Yes! Danielle and I will be there.
  2. Matt

    Confirmation receipt. ??

    I'm sure he loved getting served at work. LOL Raj, I'll take Paul's allocation.
  3. Matt

    Watch Your Inbox

    Hey Brian, thanks. Congratulations to you and Amy as well! I doubt the cars will be ready in time for LM2017, but if they are, we're down if you guys are. Question is, will your luggage fit in the PHX machine?
  4. Matt

    Watch Your Inbox

    Welcome to the party (officially) Michelle! And congratulations to you and John!
  5. Matt

    Watch Your Inbox

    Glad to see you made it Paul, congratulations!
  6. Matt

    Watch Your Inbox

    Man, what an incredible journey it's been! The morning of January 12th 2015. I remember reading DBK's play by play posts of the GT reveal and watching the incredible live video of that beautiful blue beast as it roared onto the stage. By 3pm that afternoon, Danielle and I had flights for an...
  7. Matt

    Ford GT Claims GTE Pro Victory in Return to Le Mans - Video

    You forgot rule 65: Drive through penalty for Ford; excessive use of Clear Air Turbulence.
  8. Matt

    2017 911 GTE Car in Action

    Wonder why the image is reversed? Also, were two cars caught testing (#1 and #2)?
  9. Matt

    MALIBU CARS & WAFFLES (side of Leno)

    Golly jee EP, you are such a tard muffin. That was an Aventador sitting next to a Lotus Evora. I'm sure of it.
  10. Matt

    2016 Mileage Poll

    17K. Replaced A/C compressor, RR leaky shock, starter. The LED indicator for the Fog lamp switch has also failed, but I have not fixed it yet. Total spent on repairs is pretty low in the 5 years I've owned it <$5,000. I wish all of my cars were as good as the GT.
  11. Matt

    Number of Applications?

    Or more specifically 6,506 as posted by DBK at 8:14am
  12. Matt

    Ford GT: The Return - Chapter 3

    I really like this series, tidbits of inside information like the ones presented in these videos often get lost in the frantic post race interviews. If possible, I would love to see more Ford GT specific race recapping done using this same video architecture. I know we all devour every shred...
  13. Matt

    "I didn't get picked to buy a NGT" sour grapes thread

    Haha, are you serious? Has Ford fulfilled your requirements list yet? I mean, how could you possibly still be interested without having seen the final specs and performance figures etc.? Too funny
  14. Matt

    April 17. The 6 hours of Silverstone.

    Although I agree, I also understand the need for driver/spectator/corner worker safety, which is an inverse operation of speed. What about this as a race series concept: Showroom stock only (must have OEM provision for harness). Only one set of tires per race. lap times and number of laps...
  15. Matt

    360* Ride Along around Silverstone

    You have to move the pointer around the frame, that's the whole point. watch it again but this time, grab the screen (Right click, and move your mouse) or use the virtual joystick to rotate the screen. This allows to you "rotate" the camera view within the sphere of what's been recorded. Now...
  16. Matt

    Festival of Speed, St. Petersburg FL, 4/3/16

    Gary, I agree with you. Every FOS event is a real shit show. We went the first year we had our GT and that was it. Truly THE most unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit that you will witness putting on a car show. BARF :thumbsdow
  17. Matt

    New FGT base price

    Just like Porsche did with the 918? 3 years after launch (and $200K deposit) pricing was announced. Just like Ferrari did with the LaF and TDF? Good luck with that, even after you place your order and spec the car! Just like Lamborghini did with the Centenario? "Starting at about $1.5M is...
  18. Matt

    The Ford GT Application Process Begins

    If the customer is in control of choosing the delivery dealer, I guess I don’t understand why the customer would choose a dealer who wouldn’t agree to sell the car at MSRP?
  19. Matt

    2017 Ford GT Configurator - Let's build some combos

    can't seem to make a bad one:
  20. Matt

    The Ford GT Application Process Begins

    In the $400,000's