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  1. WhiteGT16

    Have extra roon in Sonoma

    I may be able to take it.... please PM me to discuss. Thank you!!!
  2. WhiteGT16

    Girls having fun!

    Yes, GToygrl, congratulations from "Ginger." I look forward to seeing you and your beautiful yellow car in person sometime (bring cat too please). And thank you to my follow GT forum members for some of those cool compliments.... I have not been on the Forum much for this past year, but I am...
  3. WhiteGT16

    Mojave Magnum

    Thank you for posting the link, Fast Freddy. Thanks to your post, I just learned that I won (first place) the Magnum Mile Showroom Stock Exotic class with my 200+ mph run..... Yippee!! :party:party
  4. WhiteGT16

    Officially a GT owner now!

    Yes, congratulations and great color choice!!! Drive it down to Northern CA.... there are many FGT owners here looking for an excuse to jump in their cars and drive some more! In fact, see the forum thread on the "Ford GT Private Track Day in Norcal" (at Thunderhill on June 20th)...
  5. WhiteGT16

    Mojave Magnum

    Congratulations Fast Freddy!... he was there with his usual warm smile and positive attitude......not to mention his magnificent machine!!! It is always a pleasure to see you, and you deserved those wonderful run times and new personal records. And also, as usual,.... Fast Freddy arrives in...
  6. WhiteGT16

    Comments about your GT

    I enjoyed your post and story..... well written, thought provoking, and the last line made me laugh out loud.... :)
  7. WhiteGT16

    Shipping Recommendations??

    Shelbyelite would certainly know, he has been very helpful to me when I needed a shipper.....
  8. WhiteGT16

    Hummer H1

    :agree: :driving: :lol
  9. WhiteGT16

    Hummer H1

    I love my Hummer! I bought it new in 2001.... I believe it is the last year to say "Hummer" on the side instead of "H1" I agree that diesel is the only way to go. It has a great turning radius and will zip along at high speed for long periods of time with no issues. I know a great mechanic in...
  10. WhiteGT16

    Shelby Memorial Webcast

    Thank you for the post. Sadly I cannot watch during the timeframe. I hope it is recorded somehow...
  11. WhiteGT16

    2013 GT500 chases 200 mph

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you for posting!
  12. WhiteGT16

    Carroll Shelby Memorial

    YES I agree!!!! It turned out to be an outstanding opportunity to drive and see great cars and enjoy getting to know new friends. Thank you for the posts and pics, MJ!! You are amazingly "on the ball" and and full of life and knowledge with your great smile. I hope to see each one of you again...
  13. WhiteGT16

    Good morning Ed! I am going to try to start visiting the Forum.... going to try to find the...

    Good morning Ed! I am going to try to start visiting the Forum.... going to try to find the time to..... I woke up thinking about your reenactment photos... that is way cool!
  14. WhiteGT16

    Happy Birthday, shelbyeleite

    Yes indeed, many happy returns of the day, Shelby! Thank you for so many things too!