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  1. Fyr-FtrGT

    Tall GT Drivers - A Solution

    Hi Stuart, I found the photos of the seat frame and seat that I produced in 2007. Hopefully they are included here. When I built this seating system, my idea was to insert it only when tracking. It was so comfortable and kept me in the seat when normal driving, that I have left it in...
  2. Fyr-FtrGT

    Removing wheel covers on standard wheels

    Hi Dan, That's a great tool you designed and I could use one. I have the BBS cast wheels on my Heritage and take my wheels off for cleaning often. I have been using a large pair of Channel Locks to remove the nut and they are leaving marks. Thanks, Gary Tryhorn
  3. Fyr-FtrGT

    Oil pump Belt, When to change?

    Continental Y-720 Silent-Sync. Available at Amazon for about $40.
  4. Fyr-FtrGT

    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Walnut Creek Ford did both of my GTs. They have done quite a few and will let you watch the techs work on your car. Gary T.
  5. Fyr-FtrGT

    latest on rims and tires - prefer 19/F and 20/R

    Here is a pic of my 05 Black TT no stripe that has been lowered about an inch. The wheels are Asanti 19/20 and the tires are Nitto.
  6. Fyr-FtrGT

    Gulf Heritage DieCast

    This die cast looks to be the Maisto brand. Our local Sam's Club just got in a couple of large display boxes of these models and the two colors of the NGT were the Heritage and a bright red. I went through them and found three of the Heritage models. They were 14.95 each.
  7. Fyr-FtrGT

    Windshield Breakage

    Nope . . . not fake news. I took pictures of the damaged windshield, talked to the service techs who told me what happened and what it would cost to repair. Of course I will not post any pictures of a damaged car that is not my own. And the main reason of posting this in the first place was to...
  8. Fyr-FtrGT

    Windshield Breakage

    Just learned of a NFGT that is in the shop with a broken windshield. Had an item on the dash, hit the brakes, the item hit the windshield and broke it. Minimum of 20 hours to fix, plus windshield. Be careful out there.
  9. Fyr-FtrGT


    Thanks everyone for your support. After seeing some of the beautiful garages that have been posted on the Forum, I would like to include mine. Cookie said it would make a great jigsaw puzzle. Does that mean it is a precise use of space, or a jumbled mess?
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    Today, while I was changing all the fluids on my '06 Heritage, an email arrived from Ford. When I saw the word "congratulations", the shock hit me as I opened that email. Ford was telling me that Cookie and I are going to be proud parents of a new Ford GT. At that moment, I realized that my...
  11. Fyr-FtrGT

    Airbag Recall

    My recall notice had a picture of a Heritage so they must be tied in with the VIN number.
  12. Fyr-FtrGT

    Last day at Ford

    Hi My Mark! This is Cookie on Gary's computer. Congratulations on having your own life back -it's a wonderful thing! But while you were there on the job, I'll never forget my first (and ONLY) drifting laps with you at the helm. When you asked me how I wanted you to drive, I shoulda never...
  13. Fyr-FtrGT

    2006 Ford GT For Sale

    A good friend of mine asked me to post this on the GT Forum. He is selling his 2006 Ford GT, red with white stripes with 672 miles. My friend is the second owner. He purchased the car several years ago in Lafayette, California. I was with him when he first saw the car. He has since moved to...
  14. Fyr-FtrGT

    Original FGT owners (that still own their car) that did NOT get order

    I purchased a new 2006 Ford GT from a Ford dealer in Alabama. Liked it so much I purchased a second GT from Shelby at Elite in 2009. Still own both cars. Applied for the new 2017 GT but was told demand surpassed production so no car for you. I do understand Ford's problem of trying to get the...
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    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    Purchased my Heritage from Sunny King Ford in Anniston, Alabama on EBAY. After winning the hi-bid found out that the car was not going to be delivered to the dealership for a couple of months. It was a very long couple of months. I had my Reliable Carrier waiting at the dealership for Ford's...
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    New GT owner!!!

    Welcome Christian to the Ford GT Forum, a great site run by Ford GT affecianados. I am next to you in Walnut Creek with a couple of these great cars. If you need any info I can probably point you in the right direction. Gary Tryhorn 925 944-0123.
  17. Fyr-FtrGT

    Rally 9

    Of the half dozen or so tracks that I have driven at speed on, the one that I preferred the most was Spring Mountain in Pahrump. Mostly because it was easy to learn, flat, plenty of run out room if you made a mistake, and close to many five star hotels. I have no illusions of my ability in my GT...
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    How did you guys solve the ramp issues with the Bend Pak HD9

    I have a lowered GT which will not go up the stock Bend Pak ramps without scraping. My solution was to use two 2x6x6 foot boards. If you put them under the ramps, and up against the Bend Pak front crossmember, the car will not scrape. This is not a very hi-tech solution, but it works.
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    FGT Heritage

    The only optional item that the Heritage models came with that no other Ford GTs came with is a large cardboard box with 4 sheets of numbers on them for application onto the roundels. The box is 8"x8"x37" and includes instructions for applying and a squeege.
  20. Fyr-FtrGT

    RM auctions review...GTs gathering dust...

    On March 13, 2006 I saw the Heritage model of the Ford GT for the first time in an advertisment. I immediately went to my favorite shopping store, EBAY, and found one for sale. I bid 177,002.00 and was awarded the bid at 176,595.00. I then called the Ford dealership, Sonny King Ford in Annistan...