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  1. GTJack

    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Wow is right! Steve did a great job with our delivery including getting the driver to back down our curvy road as there was not enough room to turn around the rig at the end of it. Then he did an absolutely great job of clueing me in while answering enthusiastic guests' questions.
  2. GTJack

    6/3/22 @ Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton WA

    It may be the car that BBRGT documented building on the Forum a couple of years back. Believe he is from Vancouver, BC.
  3. GTJack

    New Roommate!

    I had a CSX4000 for 15 years. The exhaust noise makes a Harley sound "quiet." Fun but throttle control is key........ As Dr. Frank said "dont get snakebit." I never was but had a number of passengers who experienced it despite my careful instructions about entering and especially exiting the car.
  4. GTJack

    Great sadness of loss

    So sorry to hear this. Way too young. Condolences to Andrea and the family.
  5. GTJack

    Hello Everyone

    Congratulations and welcome to the Forum!
  6. GTJack

    AMGT40-1 Delivery Takes On Snow and Sleet

  7. GTJack

    FS: NFGT related items

    That would be a great start........
  8. GTJack

    FS: NFGT related items

    I have the following items for sale. Message me if interested. SOLD - Ford SERVICE manual for new GT. Part No: FCS-21464-19. It's a CD and runs on Windows, not sure about a Mac. It's listed on Heims as a 2019 Manual, but the label says 2018. Current new cost is $205. My price is $150 plus...
  9. GTJack

    New baby girl today !

    CONGRATULATIONS ANDY!! Hopefully your grandkids will enjoy your cars as much as you do.
  10. GTJack

    video of Ford GT racing at Goodwood

    I saw this on another web page and it said the driver was Tom Kristensen, 9 time Le Man's winner. So with more time, he would certainly have been in first place.
  11. GTJack

    Chip's Parties Will Never Be Quite The Same

    Very sad to hear. You obviously cared for him a lot. Rest In Peace.
  12. GTJack

    Screens for openings behind front wheels

    I have a set I will sell for $200 plus shipping. DM me with interest and address if you want them.
  13. GTJack

    New Member - Chicagoland

    Congratulations and welcome to the Forum. Tell us more about yourself, your car and your experience getting the car.
  14. GTJack

    New Member / Paul Walkers GT

  15. GTJack

    2021 Studio Collection Delivery Day!

    Beautiful NFGT and terrific car collection. Congratulations.
  16. GTJack

    Mose Nowland Tribute Video

    What a great tribute. Colossians 3:23-24 seems appropriate based on what I have read about Mr. Nowland.
  17. GTJack

    ‘21 Frozen White Arrival!!

  18. GTJack

    HELP - Gurney Flap Removal - '06

    Did you call Rich at GT Guys? He is most likely source of reliable info.
  19. GTJack

    My new FGT

  20. GTJack

    New Canadian Owner

    Congratulations and welcome to the Forum!