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  1. MarkH

    Lowering Perches

    We just got 10 sets of lowering perches at the shop. If anyone needs a set, please contact Kevin Kesterson at M2K Motorsports at the below numbers. M2K Motorsports, LLC Kevin Kesterson 281-346-8114 shop 832-818-7842 cell Since they are working in the shop most the...
  2. MarkH

    Front Splitter and Rear Diffuser Needed

    Will check with dealership as well but if anyone knows where these Two pieces are available please let me know…. Need both stock pieces for my Mile GT.. thanks Mark H
  3. MarkH

    GT Research and Development

    As many of you know, we are always trying different things on the Ford GT at M2K Motorsports. We have been fighting this battle on how to get a better or bigger tire on the GT chassis. We have been working with a real good friend of mine Josh Scott with some great skills in engineering and...
  4. MarkH

    Lowering Perches '05/'06 GT Another Production Run

    Everyone: We are about to make another run of the lowering perches we have been producing as of lately. Like the last ones, they will be anodized black with the design use of a spanner wrench for adjustments. I know several folks have reached out to Kevin at the shop at 281-346-8114 M2K...
  5. MarkH

    K181 Delivery, July 17th!!!!!!!

    Now the real anxiety begins. Got word from Ford concierge this week that the car is scheduled to be delivered on 7/17. I was checking back to see what all has transpired and it is just under three years that I was notified 7/2016 I had been selected to receive a car. In January 2019 I...
  6. MarkH

    Heading to Multimatic Thursday

    We are off to see the build on Thursday. The visit is planned for Friday and then expected delivery between 6/29-7/3 per the concierge. So excited to see what it looks like in person. If anyone has any recommendations of great places for the wife and I to have dinner please post up. Thanks...
  7. MarkH

    Hotrod Article on 300 MPH GT

    I thought Hotrod did an amazing job on the quest to 300 mph article sort of describing how this all got started with a tribute to the late Ray Hofman. If you have a few minutes to read it, I would say give it a shot. Thanks, Mark H.
  8. MarkH

    Final Ford GT of M2K Motorsports Video

    I promise everyone this is the final video we will post of the mile run at the Texas Mile. We have finally been able to get some aerial footage as well as some of the in car footage and put this little video together. Thanks everyone for the positive comments and I can tell you from everyone...
  9. MarkH

    300 MPH in car video

    Here is the in car footage of the M2K Motorsports Ford GT going 300.4 MPH in the standing mile at the Texas Mile held in Victoria, Texas on March 24, 2019. Of you notice the lane changes around the 250 MPH mark and yes the car went to 306 MPH before the parachute hits just pass the mile marker.
  10. MarkH

    Carbon Double DIN and Door Rings

    Everyone: We have a set of carbon fiber door rings ready to ship as well as a double DIN all out of carbon fiber. If anyone may be interested in either of these items these can be shipped immediately. Please call the shop at the information below or you can always call Kevin on his cell as...
  11. MarkH

    Ford Performance Part Needed (M6017-20T)

    Does anyone know of shop/vendor/Ford/retailer that may still have this Ford part available? We have checked our normal vendors and Ford as well but they all say it's discontinued. I figure someone has to have this on the shelf somewhere and no better place than to ask but here on the Forum for...
  12. MarkH

    Double Dins (Availability)

    If anyone is looking for a project for the 05/06 GT, we have a carbon fiber double din in stock if anyone is interested. We also have a fiberglass/painted one that just came out of the mold that just needs to be painted and then it will be ready to ship as well. Needless to say, these pieces...
  13. MarkH

    5W50 Ford Motorcraft Oil - Need Help

    Does anyone have a contact of where you could purchase 5w50 Full Synthetic Ford Motorcraft oil from in a 55 gal drums. Would really like to purchase a couple of drums this way since we use so much of it at the shop and for all the racecars and oil changes we do it would really be handy. If...
  14. MarkH

    Double Din Production 1/6/2016

    Sorry for not getting back with everyone sooner but with the holiday and such we have been finalizing everything for the pricing and structure for the number of units we feel we might have an interest in. We have received several inquiry's about the Double Din's and we appreciate everyone being...
  15. MarkH

    Double Din's Update

    Everyone: I know we have spoken with several folks regarding the double din brackets for the GT. No doubt it has taken a little longer than expected but we appreciate everyone bearing with us until we could get all the moving parts together. Please find attached the couple of samples we have...
  16. MarkH

    MOTOiq Article on the Ford GT @ the Texas Mile

    Sort of neat article they wrote about the Ford GT and what it takes to get a car to live at speeds in excess of 270+mph for an extended amount of time. I think in the article, they say many times how over engineered the car was from factory and what a great job the designers/engineers did on...
  17. MarkH

    Record 279.9 MPH Texas Mile Video

    Once again we were able to make it passed the 278 MPH previous record at the Texas Mile last weekend. No doubt we wanted it much faster and in the video you will see where a lot was left at the starting line but still proud of the car that Ford built and and the folks at M2K for building such a...
  18. MarkH

    GT Transmission Damage

    Thought I would share some pictures of the transmissions that we have been working with in the Texas Mile Ford GT. No doubt we have been experimenting with a couple different options and to say its been a learning curve is probably cutting it short. As many are aware we were able to run the...
  19. MarkH

    Upgrading Axles and Stub Axles in the Transmission

    Thought I would post a few pictures of the Ford GT Transmission partially taken apart for an upgrade. In the below pictures you will see the stock vs upgraded Stub Axles for the internal shafts of the transmission. We also upgraded the external axles as well. This is being done on a customers...
  20. MarkH

    Hoosier Tire Order Thread for 2016

    I just got confirmation from Hoosier tire that they will be making a production run of the Hoosiers for the GT. No doubt, this will probably be the only run for this calendar year and once they are all gone that will be it. I am not sure if anyone is going to be needing any tires but if so...