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  1. AJB

    New baby girl today !

    My Daughter Megan and son in law Ryan, whom many of you know from Ford and Ford GT forum events, had baby number two today! A 👧 little girl. Regan Benedict Melvin was born at 2:50 am. So now their son Ford (who is 2 1/2) will get the 2017 NFGT and Regan will get the 2006 FGT. Now to arrange...
  2. AJB

    Rally XIII Krispy Video

    Dave and Chip, Any update on timing for the release of The Rally XIII Krispy Video!! Andy (ajb)
  3. AJB


    Hello all, I want to give you advanced notice of a one day Ford GT/Ford Performance event on June 11, 2022. I will be coordinating a road trip to the NMRA/Ford Performance drag races in Norwalk Ohio on Saturday June 11, 2022. Steve Wolcott President and CEO of ProMedia will be our host. As we...
  4. AJB

    White dot - Rally XIII canvas poster

    Preparing to frame my Rally XIII Canvas poster in a 24”x36” frame. QUESTION: what is the general consensus regarding the small white dot under the vehicle midway across the poster? -micro identification ? -authenticity trademark? -secret code? -does each poster have one? -do you leave untouched...
  5. AJB

    Anyone attending 24 hr Rolex Daytona?

    My Daughter Megan, Ryan and grandson Ford plan to attend the Race. Are there any FordGT Forum members attending ?….to meet, say hello? Andy Benedict (AJB)
  6. AJB

    Safety check/screws in tires

    As you may or may not know, four (4) of us had screws in our tires in Arizona. I “plugged” mine in the Hyatt garage with the help of Brian and Chris and my trusty plug kit. Today I took my NFGT to Ian and Joe at Milliken for post rally oil change /filter and full checkup before winter in...
  7. AJB

    Transportation tips -key fobs

    FROM RALLY LOADING AND UNLOADING EXPERIENCE: 1. be sure to bring both key fobs. One you leave on the seat or console of your vehicle for load and unload with Reliable or your own trailer . The second you keep in your luggage/ pocket. 2. Identify your key fobs . They all look alike ! Typically...
  8. AJB

    The Arsenal of Democracy- A.J. Baime

    I just finished reading. Even after working for Ford Motor Company for 35 years (1971 to 2006) I was amazed at how much I learned. Many of the first chapters blend Ford History into the story of the Willow Run B-24 Bomber Plant, Ford Family the Rouge plant and vehicle production. During the...
  9. AJB

    Road trip to Martin MI dragraces 8/29

    Hello all. Below is a summary of our plan for next Saturday. Please email to me at if you plan to attend. A Link to purchase tickets shown below. Steve wolcott will have special show car parking for us. It is not necessary to meet with us if you want to drive at a different...
  10. AJB

    Alcantera cleaners

    Has Anyone used or can recommend an alcantera cleaner? Have seen a product by Sonax and others. Looking for comments. Andy (ajb)
  11. AJB

    Michigan Ford GT mini rally / road trip - NMRA NMCA Drag races

    I am coordinating a one day event at the NMRA/NMCA Drag Races at US 131 Motorsports Park. US 131 is located between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan. About a 3 hour ride from Detroit Area. Several years ago we did a similar trip to Norwalk Ohio for the Cobra Jet reunion but this year Pro...
  12. AJB

    Bill Ford on 60 minutes April 26 at 7 pm..Ford's Covid19 efforts

    Just as information, I received my weekly Blue Oval Connect update from Ford yesterday. They advised us that Bill Ford will be interviewed on "60 Minutes" tomorrow, Sunday April 26. Bill will be speaking about the "Ramp up-Arsenal of Democracy" type efforts of Ford Motor Company. Masks...
  13. AJB

    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Hello to all my fellow Ford GT Forum members. A group of you are aware of my situation and many are not. I wanted to give you an update that could possibly save some of you from this same malady. Take all necessary precautions and be prepared to fight. The Story: I was tested in Detroit for...
  14. AJB

    Liquid Blue H0098 is back on the road in Michigan!!

    Ian, Joe and Kevin from Milliken Ford delivered Liquid Blue H0098 to my home yesterday. (Ian has become a 'master trailer loader and extractor"). The Vehicle had been in 'service' since October after my Petit Lemans 'mini-trip" to Atlanta. Some new stuff was added to the vehicle and x-pel wrap...
  15. AJB


    Anyone attending? President Trump will be Grand Marshall !.....with a Camaro racing with his colors. Should be a unique experience! Andy (ajb)
  16. AJB

    Society of Automotive engineers looking for an original GT 40

    The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is looking for an original GT40 1966-67 version to display this coming April in Detroit. Each year the SAE show, called "WCX 2020' this year, is held at COBO Hall in Detroit. Several years ago many of us attended for the discussion of the all new Ford GT...
  17. AJB

    H0098 Liquid blue two year anniversary

    My Liquid Blue is officially 2 years old. 6000 miles on ODO and doing fine. Next long trip is to Atlanta in October to meet up with many of you and the Ford Racing Team at Petite Lemans. Smile. Andy (ajb)
  18. AJB

    Driving Ford GT Detroit to Atlanta

    I plan to drive 2017 H0098 from Detroit to Atlanta leaving Thursday October 10, 5:00 am. Arrive at Hotel Avalon Alpharetta around 5-6 pm. I will drive back on Sunday Oct after the Race. Is anyone else planning a road trip with a similar route? Or a longer /shorter route ? Andy (ajb)
  19. AJB

    Woodward Dream Cruise..

    Woodward has been crowded every night this week. ! We plan to be out tonight and all day on Saturday. Most likely start at Mustang Alley at 9 mile in Ferndale at 8:30 am and work our way North to Birmingham and Pontiac. They are estimating 1.6 Million people on Saturday.!!! I will look for 2005...
  20. AJB

    H0098 Liquid Blue passes 5300 ODO miles today !

    Road Trip....I am just back from Kalamazoo Michigan Baby shower and car show for Megan and Ryan. New Baby Boy scheduled for June 29, 2019 Job # 1. Liquid Blue H0098 ODO is now passed 5300 miles and the vehicle is all "A-OK" ! I Hope to pass 10,000 miles by end of summer. andy (ajb)