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  1. HNS

    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    I agree and sadly we are at the mercy of people willing to reproduce some parts. Albeit pricey, we have no option other than paying up. Crazy….
  2. HNS

    Why is it difficult to get GT parts?

    Sounds like a great business opportunity
  3. HNS

    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    Same issue here, East end of Long Island. It’s like the deer capital of the world. Only advice is to avoid dusk and dawn also, pray 🙏
  4. HNS

    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    Thank goodness for Xanax 😉
  5. HNS

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    Yes! Steve at Expel is a Picasso! Highly recommended!
  6. HNS

    Best looking 05/06 GT

    Expel Clear, full wrap, as of last year approx $9k
  7. HNS

    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    Gotta love the history of this car. I too was wondering which exhaust is on his vehicle because it sounds perfect!
  8. HNS


    Bill reached out to me this morning. He is awesome!
  9. HNS

    Cross-winds, idle stall

    Where can I order some wind shear indicators and sensors for my cars? 😉
  10. HNS


    Ok, so here’s what I’ve found, hope it helps. I was involved with NASCAR for years, now retired, but still have some sponsor contacts and friends. The Bridgestone tires many of us need are NOT discontinued, just victimized by the supply chain. Distributors are looking at an approximate 2 month...
  11. HNS


    This is nuts. I plan on calling some manufacturers, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Croaker and Hoosier on Monday and Tuesday. I’m an optimist and don’t like getting no’s for an answer. Even perhaps a plan for making our own with our specs with a willing company… Either way I’ll return my findings..
  12. HNS

    DIY Oil Change 2006

  13. HNS

    2005 FGT starts but will not move

    E-Brake a no no when storing for stretches at a time…
  14. HNS

    Looking for a low mileage 2006 GT

    Wow!!! 7 figures right around the corner…
  15. HNS

    Another unicorn bought!

    No doubt
  16. HNS

    Next GT rendering

    Sweet!!! Daddy like….
  17. HNS

    Looking for a East coast shop

    Lucas Ford in Southhold NY is my recommendation on Long Island….
  18. HNS

    I was here a long time ago...

    You’re so close but…..