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  1. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Yeah … one step at a time and it will come together. Andy (ajb)
  2. AJB

    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee - June 12th

    Good track trip to Norwalk yesterday. Twelve vehicles Good drag racing Andy (ajb)
  3. AJB

    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee - June 12th

    Bringing 2017 Liquid Blue Andy (ajb)
  4. AJB

    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee 1 week away!

    I will be there! Andy (ajb)
  5. AJB

    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    Keeping. (2017, 10,000 ODO MILES) Ajb (andy)
  6. AJB

    PPF Choices

    I had my 2017 liquid blue done by Motorcity Solutions at the same time Kevin from Milliken had his done. (Actually mine done twice) They use Xpel. It is very durable. When I hit the deer on the way to Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta the Xpel got scuffed up and scratched from hooves and fur of the...
  7. AJB

    Great sadness of loss

    Sad. Way too young. They signed many of our Rally GT posters and put on quite a show in their cars at Rally X at the Ford Dearborn Proving Ground. Andy (ajb)
  8. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Thank you! Andy (ajb)
  9. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Question: Dave and Krispy…. Is it OK to now share the Video with all of our contacts / friends ? Andy (ajb)
  10. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Superb! I had to watch it twice so far. Another great “Ford GT family” event! Good job by Krispy and all. It is Hard to believe we have been doing this since the summer of Calendar year 2006 !! Andy (ajb)
  11. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Dave, Fully understand. I can wait, Thank you , Andy (ajb)
  12. AJB

    Ford GT Rally XIII - The Movie

    Can’t seem to open the video? Just a black box screen? Any advice? Andy (ajb)
  13. AJB

    My Tractor Story

    Thanks for sharing. Tractor stories are always cool. I have a New Holland TC34DA , front loader and 60 inch Woods tiller ( fairly new stuff) at my Pennsylvania farm. You are correct, that even slight hills are a bit unnerving. So I too bought a John Deere commercial Zero turn mower to do my...
  14. AJB

    Next FORD GT rally?

    Last year of NFGT build . Andy (ajb)
  15. AJB

    3 Years today!

    Congratulations… you have now joined many of us as a member of the “We are now out of Warranty “ Club! Andy (ajb)
  16. AJB

    Black Paint Code

    An option : I carefully cleaned mine, left the machine tooling marks in the aluminum and triple coated them with automotive clear coat. My car is midnight blue white stripes and it added a bit of glow. Andy (ajb)
  17. AJB

    New baby girl today !

    Thanks to all the nice thoughts and well wishes!! The little Family is doing great . I drive to Panama City Beach Florida from Detroit on Tuesday for my first visit with Regan ! Andy (ajb)
  18. AJB

    Custom Color Suggestions?

    Blue is best , with stripes ! Andy (ajb)
  19. AJB

    GT Rally 13 Scottsdale video

    Well done ! Andy (ajb)
  20. AJB

    Custom Color Suggestions?

    For the money you will spend , In my opinion, pick a unique color for yourself vs some “ already used color” Ajb (andy)