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    video of Ford GT racing at Goodwood

    Great view from the cockpit. Almost like being there.
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    Mark IV production

    Mark IV continuation cars are scheduled to be built starting in 2022.
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    Phoenix Nascar

    Is anyone going to Nascar in Phoenix this weekend?
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    Original cars at Phoenix Art Museum today

    Excellent exhibition at the Phoenix art museum titled Legends of Speed. Includes original GT40, Daytona coupe and a Ferrari GTO.
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    Barrett Jackson 2019 Heritage

    I saw a note on the internet that Ford is donating a new heritage to the auction. Does anyone know if this is correct?
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    100 years for Ford

    The Rouge plant celebrates its 100 year birthday today. Happy Birthday to Ford
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    Cena car

    No sale at 1.6 million for the Cena GT. No sale for a 2006 heritage at 475,000. Interesting market at Mecum Monterey
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    I was fortunate to see a new black heritage today and asked the owner to join the forum. The car was stunning! I also visited the Henry Ford museum in Detroit in June. The original 1967 Le Mans and 2017 winners were there. The Rouge factory tour was interesting to see the technology and rapid...
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    Cars coffee Scottsdale

    Great morning with 3 GTs and an original 289 Cobra at cars and coffee and an original 289 and 427 Cobra at the Pavillions car show in the PM. Sunny and 70 here today. Car auctions start on the 13th. Look forward to some of you coming to AZ.
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    2006 ford gt service

    Can anyone recommend a dealer of mechanic for service on a 2006 in Phoenix/ Scottsdale AZ area?