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    Looking for exhaust

    Hi everyone- my apologies for posting in here, but I can’t seem to find how to post in the product session. Does anyone have an accufab exhaust they would sell? I’m taking my car to Rich Brooks next week for service and some mods and the exhaust won’t be in, in time. So now I’m scrambling...
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    Exhaust install

    Hi everyone- I’m looking to find, and install an accufab exhaust. My new to me GT needs some sound. How complicated of an exercise is it to install an exhaust on these cars? Any documents to follow? Thanks
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    Looking for a East coast shop

    Hi all- I’m new to the group, just bought a 2006 GT in September. I live in Pa and I am looking for a shop who specializes in service for our cars. I want to make sure everything is up to speed, fluids, belts, tires, and anything else it needs as well as some minor performance work. Does anyone...