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  1. AtomicGT

    Using Car Makes and Models and Dates to create personal passwords

    Is it common for Forum Members to use "Ford GT" or brands and makes of names or your cars to create all personal passwords for years ? Have creating some form of personal password using automobiles I have, most often with some reference to the Ford GT. Makes it easy to remember!
  2. AtomicGT

    An Image from the Past - When the FGT 06 Had Not Been Seen by Many People

    Dapper Mid Night Blu, showing off his Gulf GT in Santa Barbara to the Press, at the Fess Parker Resort Lunch, Sunday August 27, 2006. Santa Barbara County News ran the story of the gathering of New Ford GTs that following Monday AM. As I remember SteveA picked up a sidewall nail that wasn't...
  3. AtomicGT

    Ford GT Highlights 2005

    Download link expired
  4. AtomicGT


    Anyone know where I can get this part? Need a back up diffuser 5G7Z-63106B08-AA
  5. AtomicGT

    2013 Shelby GT500 conversion to Shelby GT500 Super Snake

    Transported my '13 GT500 up to Shelby American last September for conversion to wide body Super Snake. November-December was crunch time for Shelby with conversions of many Mustang GT to Super Snake GT350 Status and SEMA builds, resulted in a delay in getting to my GT500. Things are moving...
  6. AtomicGT

    Well, Look who I Ran into ont he Street of Dreams

    Well, Look who I Ran into on the Street of Dreams Anyone recognize the guy on the left? Ran into him on the slopes at Mammoth Mountain yesterday !!! Still flies on skis! {
  7. AtomicGT

    Ford Shelby Cobra Truck

    Interesting Combination of Iconic Names with 700 bhp
  8. AtomicGT

    Ford Merchandise Callaway Polo GT Shirt

    Found this very high quality Ford Performance GT Polo, made by Callaway and offered by Ford Merchandising. Bought a couple. Great golf shirt, unusual material, very well made, even if you don't play golf, nice design and logos, with Ford Performance on the sleeve. Just for F.Y.I...
  9. AtomicGT

    Inquire on Web Site for Ordering Ford GT 2017

    I am sure this is already past, but is there a link to the GT Owners who are interested in the New Ford GT? Not necessarily in line for 2017, but to preview and place your name on a list? My Ford Dealer sold his dealership and they are building condos at the site. AtomicGT
  10. AtomicGT

    Keep calm

  11. AtomicGT

    Shelby G.T.350 - July 4th Weekend 2016

    Decided to run the G.T.350 along the Pacific Coast Highway yesterday for the July 4th weekend. Sun finally came out, enjoyed the feel of 1966 289 ci High Performance Ford Engine. Car ran perfectly!
  12. AtomicGT

    EPA Backs Off

    EPA has withdrawn proposed regulations prohibiting conversion of automobiles into race cars, amid serious outcry :-)
  13. AtomicGT

    Potential Window Decal Sticker for California GTs

    Been doing a little computer artwork to generate a window sticker for GT owners in the Greatest State (albeit, Left Coast State), in the US of A Comments or modifications welcome. Should be no problem generating this "Coat of Arms" styled sticker.
  14. AtomicGT

    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    Specracer commented on being in the decade club. Wonder how many Forum members are in this club? Original owner for 10+ years?:thumbsup
  15. AtomicGT

    10 Years Ago Today

    My Ford GT build date was March 17th, 2006, St Paddy's Day. Being half Irish, this was perfect. Arrived at Buerge Ford in West LA on March 29, and found only home April 2, 2006. Still the most incredible and recognizable design in sports car history!
  16. AtomicGT

    Where are the GT Guys?

    Are the GT Guys still making the rounds? Any plans on being hte West LA this year?
  17. AtomicGT

    So Cal and Central Cal GT Owners coming back on I-15

    Make sure you stop and take a picture of your GT just before the ZZYZX Rd. Exit heading south from Vegas. 8 miles west of Baker, California. Took this one in 2009 on the Firday of the '09 Rally, got back to LA and we had the Metro Crash with the conductor texting while driving the train, from...
  18. AtomicGT

    Ford GT40 Mark IV

    This makes your American Pride bump a little!
  19. AtomicGT

    Ford GT Lemans P2 rumors