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  1. CanadaGT

    Alcantara Interior

    Ordering my car soon, 68 Heritage Edition, but am not impressed with the alcantara interior. Any ideas on care required or possibly covers made to maintain their new appearance. Just curious as I would have preferred leather interior like previous Heritage models. Thank you
  2. CanadaGT

    2019 Ford Gt Heritage Edition

    I am totally stoked that I was picked for a 68 Heritage edition, all previous heritage editions had leather interiors. But much to my disappointment the interior is Alcantara. Not sure why, but would costing is a big issue, I am more than willing to pay the extra 30k usd for launch control...
  3. CanadaGT

    Snow came fast.

    So up here in Canada I turned 76,000 miles on my girl today but got caught in the snow. Waiting for tow truck LOL Not sure how to post a pic but just imagine being on a skating rink
  4. CanadaGT

    50000 miles so far

    Just passed 50200 miles 4 Liter Whipple Full Borla exhaust 770 RWHP 9 sets of rears Bridgestones Rock. No issues of any kind after halfshaft bolt upgrade. Gotta love a Ford. Anyone else out there with higher mileage cars