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    N009 has arrived and its a Boy!

    It looks like a classy silvery blue in the pictures- I like it!
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    For Sale: Tunnel Screens

    Mine didn't come with screws. Mine seem good with the stock screws
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    Any Short Drivers? and Insurance Question

    Hagerty- least expensive of the ones I checked
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    An Extraordinary Milestone

    Pretty awesome! What colors predominate (looks like whites, blues, reds)? I would think that they would know all of us would want one- hopefully they are being sent out, or maybe they will be for sale? How long ago did you receive the package?
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    Glossy or Matte Wheels and Trim on Carbon Series?

    Congrats on being offered a carbon series! They are great. No accent package with added carbon mirror caps should be a great look.
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    GTs at Mecum Kissimmee Jan 15

    my prediction- seems a little high on the black and blue cars and a little low on red Heritage. That's a nice assortment of beautiful GTs!
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    Velocity Invitational 2021

    I was there Saturday afternoon, it was a little quiet then, but I had a good time at the event. Next time, I'll sign up sooner and get in on the special food and hospitality area and skip the food trucks! McLaren and Ford had the biggest presence there. There were about a half dozen...
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    and a carbon series to boot! Congrats, looks great!!
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    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Almost- 1976 or newer (with new cars 6 years or less old also being exempt)
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    FSA Gas Guzzler Tax?

    That's pretty interesting- hope you're right!
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    An Evolution of Classic Liveries

    Will they be at other events in Monterey next week?
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    Liquid Carbon delivery!

    That's awesome, congrats! Thanks for posting the photo of the liquid carbon plaque- I hadn't seen that before. How big is it?
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    In market for NFGT, can you guys explain different variations?

    carbon series is actually limited- I think only around 40-50 a year. One of the key features of the carbon series is the exposed carbon twin stripes over the top of the car. As above, it has availability of center of hood accent stripe and colored mirror caps not available on other GTs. There...
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    Another Texas Ford GT

    I like it! I definitely agree that the color tones go well together
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    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    I think that supplies may be dwindling on Ford GT Autodromo consumer watches. Just those two styles left on the autodromo website. The website has only the 1967 available and claims they are temporarily out of stock on Le Mans blue, 1966 and 2016 watches. I got one of the Le...
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    M048 Delivery Day

    Looks really great! I was trying for a spec like that, but couldn't seem to find an axalta copper color that looked good (you should see the version of Saleen Beryllium that they sprayed out!) Congrats!!
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    Small hydraulic fluid leak from aero flap mechanism

    That's great news, thanks for letting everyone know!
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    Whats Latest Battery Advice?

    It didn't work for me either, so I changed to firefox and it works now
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    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    Mr. Mxyzptlk had to say his name backwards as I recall
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    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    ditto, please check on storage box price Would be interested if available semi-reasonably priced